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Run BTS! Recap Episodes 107-113 BTS Becomes Gamers, Voice Actors, Detectives, and Students

The new year is around the corner, and many are looking back on the interesting year we’ve been through. So let’s do exactly that and recall Run BTS! episodes 107 to 113. Join us on a trip down memory lane, 달려라 방탄!! (dallyeora bangtan!!)

Gamer BTS (ep 107-108)

During these two episodes, BTS competed against each other inside an E-sport arena. They first played “Catch Mind”, in which one member was given a word to illustrate while the others had to guess. A correct guess got you a point–Namjoon won with two points. Then, they went face-to-face on a racing game called “KartRider” where Jungkook was the ultimate winner.

The second episode consisted of BTS playing two other games. First was “Tales Runner”, another racing game which Yoongi and Jin had never played before, unlike Jungkook who won easily. Put your hands up ARMY because the final game was the iconic “Gang Beasts”! The aim of this game is to knock over and kill your opponents. The last “man” standing wins. After multiple rounds, Taehyung won. The lucky winner of the overall episodes was Jungkook who received ₩500,000 (460 USD) in gift certificates.

Voice Actors (ep 109)

BTS adventured into the voice acting world and took turns personifying Disney characters. With the help of famous Korean voice actor Ahn Jihwan, BTS started their first dubbing with a scene from “The Lion King”. Jin, Jimin, and Namjoon were cast as hyenas while Hoseok was Scar, and even though all Namjoon had to do was laugh he definitely nailed it! Next up was a scene from “Toy Story” with Taehyung as Buzz Lightyear, Jungkook as Rex, and Yoongi as the perfect Woody. The last scene they dubbed was the sloth scene from “Zootopia”. As you can imagine, dubbing a sloth must have been hard but Jungkook nevertheless did it flawlessly. Jimin played Judy Hopps so perfectly that he even impressed the co-director of the film!

We later got a special Director’s Cut where BTS created voice-overs for their “ShareHouse” from Run BTS! episode 76 as other members.

Hyundai Treasure Hunt (ep 110-111)

In this episode we joined BTS at the Hyundai Motor Studio in Ilsan for a scavenger hunt. They played minigames to earn clues. For one, BTS had to complete a dad joke. They also had to keep a tissue up in the air for one minute, but failed. In one challenge they all had to stand on a carpet and flip it over without anyone stepping off it. They didn’t manage to do it all together, so the staff gave them a chance to do it with only three people. Jin’s “telepathy” also made an appearance and helped them survive a game where they had to draw on top of their head and get the others to guess what it was.

Once all clues were collected, BTS finally started the treasure hunt. The end of the hunt would give them the password for the final treasure chest where they would get a reward: going home as soon as they finished. The boys scattered all over the place; it was tough and confusing, Jimin even questioned his intelligence. Knowing there was no punishment, Jungkook had half-given up and ended last. However, when he found out what the reward was, the look on his face was priceless.

BTS, Back To School (ep 112-113)

The boys returned to school for a day alongside their handsome teacher, Jin. To start, they had to decide their seatmates with a game of “Hokey Pokey”. The first subject was Korean, where Jin quizzed the members on the spelling of commonly misspelled words. Let’s just say that they weren’t the best at this subject but it made Jin laugh very hard. The next subject was art, which involved “Spot the Difference” games. Jungkook grew frustrated with these, meanwhile Taehyung and Hoseok were thriving.

Following that, they had music in which they worked in collaboration with their seatmates to play the tune of The Round Sun Is Rising on a recorder and a melodica. Jimin and Jungkook succeeded on the first try unlike the others. Then there was a mix of lunch and Hanja Class. They ate their lunch while Jin wrote Chinese characters on the board. When Jin turned around, they would have to freeze and if they were caught moving they would be out. They finished off the day with a hilarious game of Limbo, where they had to carry their teammate on their backs.

Written by: Alice

Edited by: Dae

Designed by: Rei

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