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Golden Hour: Jungkook’s “Golden Live on Stage” Was Made of Magic

The month of November was much anticipated by ARMY as we earnestly waited to witness Jungkook perform his debut album live. Jungkook released his debut solo album Golden, which incorporated various dimensions of his personality as a musician, on November 3. As expected, on November 20, Seoul’s Jangchung Arena was packed with fans who started arriving at the venue from an early hour, waiting for their beloved idol to take the stage. When the lights turned on and Jungkook’s silhouette came to vision, the arena was filled with screams of excited fans. Clad in jeans, a white t-shirt and black leather jacket, BTS’ Golden Maknae (or Golden Youngest) took the stage with his infamous pop star charm while ARMYs prepared to lose themselves in an unforgettable experience of golden hour.

He began the show with the title track Standing Next to You, with smooth eye-catching choreography and flawless vocals, giving the show an impeccable start. Throughout the show, Jungkook’s versatility as a global artist was apparent and was a treat for the fans, which included thousands watching on Weverse. Jungkook treated the fans to performances of songs from his album Golden including b-side tracks Yes or No, Closer to You, 3D (Feat. Jack Harlow), Shot Glass of Tears, and Too Sad to Dance. Fans were also caught off guard with a special surprise: Jungkook’s latest GCF was released as the VCR for the show. Shot in Budapest while he was in the city for the MV shoot of Standing Next to You, it gave fans quite a treat as he continues to build a new persona.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Jungkook himself was no less excited than the fans for the showcase. BTS have long been known for creating and maintaining a special bond with their fans. Though it was the first time Jungkook was performing solo, he made sure to uphold the group’s tradition of involving the fans in the activities as much as possible. Other than holding constant conversation throughout the show, he also incorporated fun question/answer sessions and joked with fans. This again shows how BTS’ members see their fans as more than just fans; as Jungkook himself said during the show, “We are best friends, right?”

It is no secret that Jungkook never shies away from professing his love and gratitude towards the fans and he was no different in this show. Multiple times throughout, he articulated how much the existence of ARMYs mean to him and how much he appreciates their support. He dedicated all his majestic success to the fans, and when he pondered upon what word comes to his mind when thinking of ARMY, he humbly sidelined the term friend and replaced it with the term which, according to him, can encompass many things: love. In a world where BTS and ARMY both had to fight multiple prejudices to make a name for themselves, Jungkook once again proved why BTS are different from other bands and will be, forever.

Jungkook confessed to being nervous as this was his first solo show but despite it, his performances were as flawless as ever. Watching him pace forward to deliver masterclass performances were not only ARMYs but also the person whom Jungkook has called his idol and inspiration. It was BTS’ leader RM, sitting in the audience surrounded by fans, watching with pride the boy with whom he used to go bike riding. RM’s presence was special not only because he is the leader of the band but also because it was him who gave Jungkook the nickname ‘Golden Maknae’. The beauty of their decade-long bond can be understood from the way Jungkook addressed RM by calling him “the person I cherish and love so much”. 

Heading towards the end, ARMYs were happily taken aback by a familiar tune which made the already magical atmosphere of the arena even more ethereal. It was Magic Shop, a song meaningful for both Jungkook and ARMY and having sung it after a long interval, the memories of old days were revived. Jungkook concluded the show with another emotional number. Still With You is not just a song but a promise of standing by each other’s sides, even when a thick fog dims the light of the future.

“Golden Live On Stage” was memorable for Jungkook and his ARMY. The show will stand out in Jungkook’s life like how on a grey rusty wall a golden silhouette shines. For ARMYs, they will always remember how loved and cherished Jungkook made them feel. In the monochromatic lives of a thousand, the show will always be the crimson-hued ‘golden hour’.

Written by: Amna

Edited by: Marcie

Designed by: Achan

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