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RUN BTS! Recap episodes 100-106 “Brought to You by the National Embassy of Laughter”

Just in time to celebrate the show's return, Run BTS! recaps are back ARMY! Join us through episodes 100-106 where we witnessed struggle, laughter, and overall good vibes. So, let’s get right into it, 달려라 방탄!! (dallyeora bangtan!!)

Run BTS! 100th Episode Special

It is no secret that BTS aren’t the best at foot volleyball, or badminton, however, what they lack in talent they make up for in comedy. In celebration of the show's 100th episode, the boys split up into two teams, Seokbaek and BaekJin -- the word baek meaning 100 in Korean -- and competed in a variety of mini-games. Their first sports game was badminton with a twist; the members had to use pans, pot lids, and other sorts of weird objects as rackets. As you can imagine this gave BTS a hard time but brought lots of ban(g)ter. Next up was foot volleyball, where team Seokbaek (Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook) had fun watching the other team scramble to kick the ball. But the rappers did not let themselves be so easily defeated and still gave it their all.

The second part of this Run BTS! Special included the metal box game segment, previously seen in episode 31. The members took turns briefly lifting the lid of a metal box, while the others tried to guess the object inside. J-hope showed off his amazing eyesight by guessing almost everything correctly, even the hardest ones, in a matter of seconds! ARMY, do you recall the Run BTS! episode where the boys had to jump at a certain time, making facial expressions to take a picture? Well, that is exactly what the fourth game consisted of, only amped up with a trampoline.

After a quick lunch break, BTS went face to face in a balloon stealing survival game where they had to steal the opposite team’s balloons while defending theirs by shooting others with laser guns. To make the experience even better, inflatable structures were set up to provide obstacles as well as hiding spots.

Cooking Mania

BTS are always praised for their effortlessly good teamwork, but how does it translate in the kitchen? The aim of these episodes was to cook a dish while the “main chef” gave instructions from another room through an earpiece. The challenge, however, was that between the two people cooking only one would receive the instructions from the main chef while the other had to wait for his teammate to convey the instructions -- and they would switch every 30 seconds. The host, j-hope, came to monitor the teams every so often and was also the one to judge the dishes. Jin, V, and Jungkook were up first, and they had to make jeyukbokkeum and cheese egg mari. Jin was the main chef, which required a lot of patience and generated a lot of frustration on his part.

The second team was SUGA, RM, and Jimin. They were to make pork kimchi jjigae and kimchi jeon. Throughout their cooking journey, Jimin and RM experienced a lot of turbulence. For example, they added salt twice instead of sugar and dropped many spoons that caused SUGA, the main chef, much irritation towards the pair. Team Jin, V, and Jungkook ended up winning as even Jimin and RM’s elaborate plating decoration could not outpower the bad taste.

Stylish BTS

Taking a dive into the styling and customizing world, BTS competed in games in order to pick clothes to transform into stylish and hip outfits that would be worn by another member for a photoshoot. Jin’s interesting pick made the rest of the members very anxious about the outcome. They were also provided with many accessories and add ons that they could compete in mini-games to acquire, such as spray fabric paint, patches, and gemstones. Jimin ambitiously played to win patches with ARMY written on them. Meanwhile, V and j-hope had their eyes set on fabric spray paint.

After playing with hot glue for a while, the boys were finished with their final products. Yet, before their photoshoot, they had to figure out who would wear whose creations. Jimin and V got each other’s, RM and SUGA wore their own, Jin wore j-hope’s, and Jungkook’s masterpiece was worn by j-hope. Much to his regret, Jungkook had to wear Jin’s questionable outfit, which he pulled off just fine. Then, they all took turns modeling and photographing.

Once the passionate photo session was over, BTS got together for an exhibition featuring their hard work. They went around and discovered their art while scoring them. SUGA was the final winner and received a grand prize that brought smiles to all the members' faces. If you want to find out what it is be sure to check out the episodes!

Written By: Alice

Edited by: Lisa

Designed by: ThornToHisRose

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