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5 months and 9 days. That’s how long ARMY had to wait for the 3rd season of Run BTS! to be released. One would say that “good things come to those who wait”. That may be right considering that this ongoing season is hilarious, surprising, and well… chaotic. Nothing new for BTS.

BTS’ staff knows how to keep the boys busy

BTS’ creative staff seems to have banned the word “boredom” from BTS and ARMY’s vocabulary a long time ago. Especially when it comes to BTS’ (lack of) cooking skills. Divided in three teams, the boys launched the new season by taking a one-hour cooking session with a chef. They managed to make meringue, and decent pasta with meat, despite their unique way to follow recipes. Jimin and V received the first penalty of the season: they cleaned up the kitchen and made (salty) drinks for the members.

At a comic book café, BTS were asked to pick their favorite manga series and completed several Manga-related games. During these episodes, food and snacks were at stake. And we all know that food turns BTS into happy campers and strong competitors at the same time.

Snacks were also a topic of interest during the sauna episodes. But first, the boys had to complete some missions. They competed to find out whose fingers were the strongest and drank weird beverages. To spice things up, they also solved Korean language problems in the sauna and played an elaborate game of rock-paper-scissors, involving bowls of water. And do you know what happens when you let BTS play with water? Of course, they get soaking wet. Why aren’t we surprised?

Back to School

Season 3 offered ARMY a trip down memory lane with BTS in school uniforms… Not that anyone complained about having this fashion back, but uniforms were not quite the highlight of the episodes (unless…). Split into two teams, the members followed the lead of Teacher SUGA who made them choose the class president, play music with bells and challenged their balance in P.E games. They finished their school day with a debate on the now iconic topic “mint chocolate: do you like it or dislike it?” Two forbidden words were chosen for each member beforehand. Should they accidentally say either of them, they would immediately receive water in the face. No need to point out that they all – especially j-hope who couldn’t figure out his forbidden words – ended up very wet, to the delight of millions of ARMYs.

Hotel Life

We all have seen pictures or memes of BTS’ members sitting on hotel rooms’ floors with funny bunny hats or rolling over the carpet trying to solve tricky quizzes, right ARMY? For those who might not know, some of these moments belong to Run BTS! season 3, filmed during their “Love Yourself” Tour. Between two concerts, Jin won at Halli-Galli, while V and Jimin lost at a customized board game named Heart Pang. With losing comes a punishment, of course - this time causing V and Jimin to wear lame t-shirts at the airport. They also played a Mafia game, one of the worst yet amusing causes of betrayal and trust issues among the members.

BTS in Canada: Maple of the Soul

(Would Jin be proud of this one?) During their tour, BTS spent a few days in Canada where they visited Niagara Falls. The members were also challenged to a staring contest against the camera, went shopping at a grocery store to prepare a Western dinner, and bought some warm clothes. At the lodge, they playfully picked their bedrooms to all end up being squeezed in two small rooms. The members also improved their knowledge of the world’s capitals after various failed, yet hilarious, guesses. How could we forget when Jin named Belgium’s capital (Brussels) as ‘Waffle’! They also competed over a bottle cap game and were forced to wake up early to show off their expertise of some of their own songs. To conclude, the losers completed their penalty in cold Lake Ontario.

A Drama of their Own

A few weeks later, four episodes dedicated to the making and filming of a BTS sitcom were broadcast. Each member had a part to play and a mission as a crew member: Jungkook oversaw the slate, RM was responsible for his crew’s mental care, and SUGA was designated as the Snack-man. Iconic moments arose from the shooting like Jungkook carrying Prop-man Jin on his shoulder or Standby-and-Timer Jimin lying down on the kitchen’s floor pretending to be asleep. Do we need to mention Stylist j-hope’s involuntary bursting of laughter each time they aimed to stay composed? At the end of the shooting, ARMY and BTS were able to watch the final result, and the least we can say is that actors-BTS have a great ability to put lasting smiles on ARMY’s faces.

On that high note, let’s borrow Director V’s lines and say, “that’s a wrap!”

But don’t worry, Run BTS! season 3 recap, part 2 is coming soon. Please, look forward to it and feel free to share your own best-of moments from this season with us, ARMY.

Written by: Hel. B

Edited by: Lisa K and Marcie

Designed by: Achan

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