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RM on Intersections: The Art Basel Podcast

On June 28, RM was featured on “Intersections: The Art Basel Podcast.” Presented by UBS, “Intersections” brings together leading artists, architects, gallerists, designers, musicians, and collectors to dive deep into their passion for art. Let’s take a deeper look into this insightful podcast.

Brief History

Before diving into RM’s fairly newfound love of visual art, Mark Spiegler of “Intersections” asked for some history on RM’s journey and BTS in general. As most ARMYs know, RM is a big fan of Eminem, which started with the artist’s movie “8 Mile” and his song Without Me. Immediately, RM knew he wanted to be like Eminem and rap in English. What some ARMYs might not know is when he was 10, RM wanted to be a poet and writer, which he feels naturally grew into being a rapper.

RM got to know Eminem and other artists like Nas when he was 13 years old and began writing his own lyrics at 14, leading him to join an online community of underground rappers. At 16, RM did his first live, offline performance, which he “sucked at”. He didn’t realize the famous Korean rapper Sleepy was watching as RM forgot his lyrics and decided to give up music. After a phone call from Sleepy, though, RM met with him in secret and the rest is history.


The main reason for the podcast was to discuss art, which RM said helps him “to not be so crazy or hyped up.” RM’s love for other mediums of art has always been on display through his music, but in 2018, he began to show an affection for visual art as well.

BTS was in Chicago for the “Love Yourself” tour when RM wanted to try something new and asked his managerial staff if there was somewhere they could go. They ended up at the Art Institute of Chicago. “I just went there and saw the amazing paintings they’ve got there: Seurat, Monet, Picasso – the artists that I knew before I entered into the art world.” RM said he remembers the thrill of connecting with the pieces he saw. There in that small room, RM felt an encounter between himself and the footprints left behind by these artists, and he began thinking: What is in art? What is this color? What do they mean?

As RM found himself falling in love with visual art, he began to wonder why he couldn’t name even one visual artist from Korea. Upon returning to Korea from the tour, he started visiting galleries and museums. He also started researching Korean artists and painters in hopes to find one he could respect and look up to as a mentor in the art world.

The first painting RM purchased for his personal collection was that of a mountain by Daiwon Lee. He knew it was special the moment he placed it on his wall. It was then that RM “understood [about] making a collection, and then filling the walls. So it was really strange and it was really, something like spiritual for me still,” he explained.

Mountain by Daiwon Lee

It is clear that RM sees the longevity of art and its artists as a reflection for what he wants out of life. Talking about how simply seeing a painting in his home reminds him to keep going, he said, “I just want to make music like the timeless piece that I admire.” As his musical catalog continues to grow, so does his collection of these inspiring pieces, which he hopes to share with the world someday. “We cannot see the great Korean artists because there are not many museums right now…so, I just want to make my own,” he told Spiegler.

Bravery and Change

RM’s podcast appearance ended with him telling the world that his first art-piece crush was Monet’s “The Lunch”, and his most recent is not a piece, but an artist. When speaking about Philip Guston, RM could have been describing himself, especially in light of BTS’s new solo projects. “He was one of the important members of the team but…he bravely changed his whole world. I’ve heard that many people laughed at him. But I think if he didn’t change his style, I think he would remain as just one of the members…but because he changed…and he bravely encountered the issues…he can just be himself.”

Kim Namjoon, that’s all ARMY wants for you – to be yourself. As we continue to support you on this new journey, be brave and encounter the issues. We will be here every step of the way!

Written by: Marcie

Edited by: LJ

Designed by: Achan

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