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Previously on BTS: Weverse, Teasers, and Records March 20-26

Hey, ARMY! Welcome back to another Previously on BTS! This week started out slow but quickly became filled with a lot of content. In this blog, we will take a look at all of the Weverse updates, the many teasers that were released, a few of the records that BTS broke, and more! Keep reading to see what BTS has been up to.


Weverse Magazine posted an article on March 24 titled, “Getting to know Korean modern and contemporary art with RM.” In this article, RM said that he “feels rested and inspired after viewing art.” Art critic Jangro Lee went into detail about the artists and the artworks that RM is interested in to answer the question, “What does the world of art look like through RM’s eyes?”

Jin and Jimin were active on Weverse. On March 24, Jimin made a few posts about their appearance on “You Quiz On The Block,” which showed that he was watching the broadcast along with ARMY. The next day, Jin replied to posts, and posted pictures and videos of him and Bang Sihyuk cooking and enjoying a meal together.

On March 26, j-hope shared a Weverse Moment of a pillow that looks like a chicken drumstick, asking why it’s so comfortable.


Fila shared a new collaboration with BTS on March 22 called “Project 7 Back to Nature” on Twitter. The theme of the collaboration is to try to persuade the consumer to think about the environment. The clothing of this collaboration is made with eco-friendly or recycled materials. The collab is currently available on Fila Korea’s website. Later, Fila also shared photos on Twitter of RM modeling some of the collection.

Earlier this year, BTS also partnered with Coway, a Korean company that is part of the home appliance industry. On March 24, Coway released a mattress ad featuring the boys. Later in the week, they also posted a water purifier ad in which the members are more handsome than ever.


March 24 saw a few teasers, too. Helinox, a company that produces portable furniture and camping supplies, tweeted a video teasing an upcoming collaboration with BTS. The collection will drop on April 7 at 11 AM KST on the Helinox Korean website.

Big Hit released the official teaser for BTS’ upcoming Japanese OST, Film Out, on March 26. The song and the movie that Film Out is featured in, “Signal: The Movie,” are set to release on April 2. At the end of the teaser Big Hit also dropped the date for a new BTS Japanese album, BTS, THE BEST, which is to be released on June 16.

You Quiz on the Block

BTS’ appearance on the Korean popular TV show “You Quiz On The Block” on March 24 resulted in the show's highest viewership ratings in its history. Although the original complete livestream isn’t available for replay, multiple clips ranging anywhere from 1 minute to 13 minutes are available on the show's official YouTube channel. Plus, TvN Asia will reair the episode with English subtitles on March 30.

A few noteworthy things happened on the show, including BTS meeting and dancing to MIC Drop with an ARMY who had previously gone viral on social media for dancing to the song at school. The members also played funny games. For one of those games, they had to name some of their songs after hearing the last note, right before singing verses originally performed by other members. RM and SUGA ended up singing the chorus of Spring Day with all their souls. Jin did a dramatic retelling of how he was scouted for Big Hit, and they all answered questions about their trainee days and their hopes for the future. Their honesty was felt directly by ARMY’s hearts.

Records and milestones

As of March 22, Dynamite has become the first song with the most weeks charting in the Melon Top 10.

Spotify Korea tweeted that Singularity has reached 150 Million streams. Also on Spotify, Waste It On Me by Steve Aoki featuring BTS has hit more than 200 million listens, and the “Outro: Ego comeback trailer” surpassed 100 million views.

That’s it for this week, ARMY! Are you excited for BTS’ upcoming album? Share your feelings and reactions with our social media. Check back next week for another BTS update!

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