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Previously on BTS: WE DON’T NEED PERMISSION TO DANCE! March 5 - March 18

Two weeks have passed, and how great they were for the Bangtan boys. From new achievements to concerts and media updates, BTS has once again shown their impact and talent. As always, ARMY, we’re here to catch you up on all the updates and news you might have missed. Let's begin!

New achievements

Blood, Sweat and Tears was certified silver in the UK, and My Universe was then certified gold. The Guinness World Records stated that BTS holds the record for the most followers for a music group on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. On the Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart, Butter spent 13 weeks at #1; the song also reached 800 million streams on Spotify. On YouTube, the ON MV has reached the 300 million views milestone, Dynamite surpassing 33 million likes, and BANGTANTV is now the second most subscribed Korean channel. Also, BTS won 10 awards at the 36th Japan Gold Disc Awards 2022, the most achieved for any foreign act in history in a single year. Congratulations BTS!


The Permission To Dance (PTD) On Stage concerts in Seoul, South Korea, finally happened at the Seoul Olympic Stadium; the first concert started on March 10, the second one on March 12 and the third one on March 13. The three concerts were filled with amazing energy from the boys and their electric performances. They were happy and grateful to see Korean ARMYs at the shows. Though they couldn’t hear ARMY’s cheers or fan chants, BTS still enjoyed ARMY’s presence and claps. The second concert was broadcasted to cinemas all over the world for ARMY to see as well. The show grossed $32.6 million from 3,711 theaters in 75 global markets; the numbers are truly impressive, and that is on BTS’ power. We can’t wait for the next PTD concerts in Las Vegas!

BTS on VLive!

On March 6, Jungkook, Taehyung, Seokjin and Hoseok went live on VLive. They talked about various topics, including how excited they were to finally have the concerts. They expressed their genuine anticipation and also joked around about how ARMY was supposed to behave at the shows. The energy was great and they had lots of fun during the live. Then, March 9 was Yoongi’s birthday! He went live a few hours before the official day to celebrate it along with ARMY. He updated us on what he was up to these days apart from rehearsal, and showed us several times his cute cat cake. He also gave ARMYs who were coming to the concerts some advice based on the weather, and generally thanked everyone for wishing him a happy birthday. We love you, Yoongi!

News and social media updates

Across multiple platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Weverse, Bangtan has been updating us daily with their activities. They have posted plenty of pictures and text posts, which mostly include their comments and reactions to their PTD concerts; they shared their deep love and gratitude to ARMY for making them possible. On Instagram, all of the members have surpassed 30 million followers, and Jungkook surprised us by changing his username to jungkook.97, because the previous one was “too long.”

ARMY also got to know that Jimin's new solo track will be on the official soundtrack for "Our Blues", a Korean drama that will air on April 9. We can’t wait to hear it! Through BTS’ official accounts, we also saw how the boys were enjoying their celebratory meal for Dynamite’s one billion Spotify plaque, following the famous trend of artists who have achieved the plaque. Well-deserved, as always! On March 15, it was announced that BTS will be performing at the Grammy Awards in Las Vegas on April 3, which will mark their third performance at the music awards. We are eager to see their surely amazing performance and give them all our support!

That's it for now! We hope this helped you update yourselves on all Bangtan-related news and content these past two weeks. Let’s keep wishing BTS good health and happiness for them to continue with their daily schedules. Always remember, we don’t need permission to dance, ARMY! Until next time!

Written by: Ala

Edited by: Ren

Designed by: Achan

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