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Previously on BTS: The Butter Era is coming April 24-30, 2021

While most weeks with BTS consist of endless record-breaking, this week saw a series of new beginnings as the boys continue to advance further along the path of global stardom.

April 24

BTS started the week with seven stunning videos on BANGTANTV, for the “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E CONCEPT PHOTO BOOK,” with each member getting their spotlight. BTS also saw new RIA certifications, with Love Yourself: Answer and MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA going Gold in Hungary and Waste It On Me reaching Platinum in Canada!

April 25

The music video for their 2018 title track, IDOL, reached 900 million views! This is their sixth video to reach this feat. In RIA Japan, Anpanman and Euphoria achieved silver certifications while Your Eyes Tell went gold with 50 million streams. Worldwide, the group had millions of plays across music platforms and on Spotify, Love Yourself: Answer reached 4 billion streams!

April 26

HYBE shared a post on Naver with amazing photos from the “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E CONCEPT PHOTO BOOK,” and released a new BTS episode about the “LOVE MYSELF” campaign on BANGTANTV. A “Learn Korean with TinyTAN” book package and video for fans interested in learning Hangul was released as well.

April 27

The most exciting news dropped on Weverse, as HYBE announced BTS’ new single, Butter along with a logo trailer that garnered millions of views in a matter of hours. The track to be released on May 21 at 1pm KST will be in English, and fans have taken to social media, with excitement and predictions for the new song. Columbia Records also dropped links to pre-order and pre-save the new track.

HYBE Insight announced a new exhibition, titled “Seven Phases,” featuring beautiful art from the acrylic painter, James Jean. At the Korea PD Awards, BTS took home the Performer of the Year Award, marking their first win from this show!

April 28

Big Hit Music shared an official Butter promotion schedule including concept clips, a teaser poster, teaser photos, and a music video trailer.

RM was listed as a featuring artist in the teaser for eAeon’s (who collaborated on RM’s badbye) new song, Don’t, and Agust D’s Daechwita surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify. HYBE announced a MAP OF THE SOUL Pop-Up Event in Malaysia, that will take place in Petaling Jaya at the Utama Shopping Center. BTS also rose five places on the Billboard Artist 100 charts, reaching #16, and the group maintained its dominance on the Billboard World Album Chart, taking up seven of the top ten spots on the chart. Dynamite stayed steadily at #6 on Japan’s Billboard Hot 100 chart and achieved 300 million streams on Oricon, the world’s fastest song to achieve this milestone.

April 29

V graced Twitter with a beautiful photo of himself and playfully asked the two million people who liked it to keep it a secret. BANGTANTV released a Bangtan Bomb featuring V and the rest of the group helping him select sunglasses on the set of the Dynamite music video. In terms of music, the Film Out music video surpassed 100 million views, just a month into its release, and Agust D’s D-2 mixtape reached 300 million total streams, becoming the fastest album by a Korean artist to do so.

April 30

The music video for eAeon’s single featuring RM was released on YouTube. RM tweeted about the song, expressing his love and respect for his fellow artist and encouraged fans to give the song a listen. Both Columbia Records and The Orchard continued their promotions for Butter, with Columbia inviting ARMY to create their “Butter Card.”

The week ended with the Billboard Music Awards announcing the nominees for this year. The boys earned themselves four nominations, Top Duo/Group, Top Selling Artist, Top Selling Song (with Dynamite), and Top Social Artist. The BBMAs will take place on May 23, at 8pm ET.

This week stood out once again with exciting news as the boys reached new heights every day. As we entered the Butter’s era, what are you looking forward to the most, ARMY?

Written By: Ahimsa

Edited By: Lisa K and Hel.B

Designed By: Judy

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