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Previously on BTS November 25 to December 1

Hi ARMY! Here is your weekly roundup of all things BANGTAN! Grab some popcorn and get sucked in, this week was "historical", to say the least!!!

The 25th of November 2019 will be recorded in the BTS & ARMY history books. BTS won 3 AMA’s! Congratulations guys!

BTS were nominated in the following categories :

Next up, BTS arrived from Japan late on Monday afternoon (they had just completed their 5th Muster ‘Magic Shop’ in Chiba on the 23rd and 24th of November respectively). Once again, we have another entry for the BTS & ARMY history books. This time it's Jin who created quite a stir when he walked through Gimpo Airport, looking like a K-drama lead actor. We had to include this, as many ARMYs were shook and in awe by his dashing aviator look.

Please exercise caution when looking at the pictures, they will cause your heart to flutter and you will experience confusion as to who your bias is. You have been warned 😉.

On a more serious note, the ASEAN-Republic of Korea (ROK) Culture Innovation Summit took place on the 25th and 26th of November in Busan. Here Bang Si-Hyuk "Big Hit Entertainment's CEO and founder" spoke about the ‘4th Industrial Revolution', referencing the age of Technology and the importance of creating 'good content'. His example was the 'Live Aid Wembley Concert of 1985', whose main goal was to highlight and raise funds for the famine crisis in Africa. In over 100 countries, 1.9 billion viewers watched this 10 hour event. None of this would have been possible without satellites, proving that "technology" , when put to good use, can be beneficial to all of us, especially to those in need. Bang Si-Hyuk said that both Live Aid and BTS hold "bold, active and sometimes provocative messages about their generation and era." Although being in a different era, BTS, having harnessed the power of the internet (YouTube), have gone on to become global sensations, uniting people of different backgrounds and using their music and influence for good and raising awareness on important social issues. He likened BTS to 'The Beatles of the YouTube Era'.

Many ARMY’s around the world waited with bated breath as many received notifications that their ARMY Kit from Weply would soon arrive . The question of the day was Will the information packets and content be in English? I-ARMYs were concerned, and understandably so.However there were no English translations in sight, which led to ARMYs taking to Twitter. #BigHitAddSubs, #BigHitAddTranslations and #ArmysWantSubs were included in many tweets from I-ARMY. ARMY soon discovered that the ‘Love Yourself: Speak Yourself’ Sao Paulo DVD had no Portuguese subtitles, however subtitles were provided in Korean, English and Chinese.

Many on Twitter voiced their concerns that the Brazilian ARMY would have been the main purchaser of this DVD, seeing that this concert was in their country after all. ARMYs also stated that many K-ARMYs have to translate contents (and we are super grateful to them). However, we would like K-ARMY to take a break, as they work hard for I-ARMYs, and have BigHit take over in providing subtitles.

On a much lighter and happier note, during the week we were gifted by a Bangtan Bomb where Jin recorded his first ever composition, a Bon Voyage Season 4 Preview and Behind the Scenes of Jungkook recording Euphoria!

BigHit Official Merchandise also released some new items from the Pop Up: House of BTS, you can check them out here.

Images from @bighit_merch and @BigHitShop on Twitter

If you have aspirations to be a K-Pop idol, you’re in luck! BIGHIT Audition posted that there are 3 audition categories for males born in 1999 and later. Categories are a) online b) seasonal and c) global. If you are keen, checkout Gooood Luck ARMY !!!!

The Melon Music Awards took place on the 30th of November 2019. BTS and ARMY not only started this week on a high note, but got to end it with a bang by winning all 4 Daesangs! The Daesang Categories were 'Record of the Year', 'Song of the Year', 'Album of the Year' and 'Artist of the Year'.

BTS won a total of 8 awards, as 'Top10', 'Netizens Choice', 'Best Dance(Male)' and 'Kakao Hot Star' were also received by the group. History was made, so let's record 30/11/19 as the day that BTS became the first ever to win all 4 Daesangs, and also the most awarded artists in Melon Music Award history!

The boys took to Twitter to thank ARMY as they always do, as well as give us some of those selfies that we love so much!

BTS Official also posted celebrating the wins and added the full performance to their Twitter account.

Wow, this has been such a great week ARMY! Next week we have Jin's birthday to look forward to, and we have MAMA as well. Here's to an amazing week to ARMY and BTS, Fighting! 💜💜💜💜💜

Written by: Nawaahl

Edited by : Dae

Designer : Ashley

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