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Previously On BTS: November 14-20 Life Goes On, Let’s Live On. BE is Here.

It’s that time again, ARMY, where we take a look back at the past week and marvel at all that BTS has accomplished. Life can be overwhelming, leaving little time to keep up with everything BTS-related. Once again, ARMY Magazine is here to help keep you stay in the know. So sit back, relax, and let’s get this show on the road.

Shining through the City

On November 14, Dynamite continued to dominate. The song took its 23rd Korean music show win, reached 590 million views on YouTube, and 400 million streams on Spotify. BTS’ music then took center stage on Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend as the show honored the boys’ producer Pdogg through Sonnet Son and AleXa’s winning performance of DNA. Disney also announced that BTS will appear on their Holiday Singalong on December 1 at 10am KST.

On November 15, Skit and Telepathy KOMCA credits were released. ON’s music video garnered 10 million likes on YouTube, and BTS surpassed 5 billion global streams on Spotify in 2020 so far. BTS also earned 113 music show wins overall as of yet. Well done!

Did you see my bag?

BTS was the big winner of the night at the People’s Choice Awards on November 15. They took home the 2020 awards for The Group, The Album with MOTS: 7, The Song and The Music Video for Dynamite. Congratulations BTS! With the release of more pictures for Season’s Greetings 2021, it’s confirmed BTS are the most beautiful humans on earth. Dynamite continued its winning streak as it spent ten weeks at #1 on Melon. Meanwhile, V’s Winter Bear reached 55 million views on YouTube.

On November 17 Dynamite upheld its strong presence on the Billboard charts. The song ranked #17 on the Hot 100, #5 on the Global 200, and #4 on the Global 200 (excluding the U.S.). BTS also ranked #3 on the Artist 100 and #1 on the Top Social 50 charts. In other Dynamite news, the music video gained 600 million views on YouTube, and BANGTANTV released a “sing with me” video of BTS and their Big Hit labelmates for the record-breaking song. As if the chart news weren’t enough, the BTS maknae line posted a photo of themselves resting which had ARMY’s hearts coo. The day ended with Love Yourself: Answer re-entering Billboard 200 at #187!

The first teaser for Life Goes On was released, and it became the fastest teaser to reach 1 million views with a record time of 35 minutes. In less than 24 hours, the teaser reached 15 million views. The boys also released behind the scenes photos from Life Goes On through their Instagram Stories. Dynamite took the #5 spot on Japan’s Hot 100 chart and MOTS: 7 was certified RIAA Platinum on November 16. This week, Black Swan was also certified Gold in Mexico. Furthermore, BTS surpassed 4 million followers on their Spotify playlist, and Jungkook was credited as the director for the Life Goes On MV. Yoongi posted on Weverse and put worried ARMYs at ease. Namjoon shared his vocals in John Eun’s song Hope. It was also announced that BTS will be on Good Morning America on November 23 at 9pm KST.

On November 19, the second teaser for Life Goes On was released, this time with a hint of vocals, which caused the anticipation for the song’s release to heighten. Jungkook won the People’s Magazine Poll for Sexiest International Man. ARMY have known this about the youngest BTS member since before the dawn of time. BTS surpassed 13 billion Spotify streams and Dynamite gained 500 million points on Gaon. The numbers keep growing.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for

BE finally arrived! The album has sold more than 1.9 million copies on Hanteo so far. The music video for Life Goes On dropped and was met with anticipation, joy, and cumulative tears of ARMYs. As of the writing of this article, the MV has over 41 million views. Keep up the good job, ARMY! As always, it’s been a full week of BTS content. The boys never fail to keep ARMY busy, and now that new music has dropped, we are busier than ever. Happy BTS comeback ARMY!

Written by: Lisa

Edited by: Dae

Designed by: Rei

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