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Hello ARMY! Are you ready for another recap of all things BTS? Let’s buckle up and ride through astonishing performances, amazing records, and comforting and hopeful New Year’s wishes.

Year-end Performances

This year’s SBS Gayo Daejun took place in the city of Daegu, home to Yoongi and Taehyung. The performance had to be pre-recorded, still BTS had amazing stages for Black Swan, Life Goes On, and Dynamite. The instrumentation for these songs became more festive, representing the end-of-the-year and holiday season. Even Yoongi made an appearance as a cute snowman!

BTS also performed pre-recorded stages for Life Goes On and Dynamite, at the 62nd Japan Record Awards, and took home the Special International Music Award. The ceremony aired on December 30.

Yoongi's Back on VLive

On December 28, Yoongi came to salute ARMY on a voice-only VLive. It took us by surprise, stimulating our excitement. He talked about how he has been recovering well from the surgery, how much he misses performing with the other members, and how he has been watching every single BTS’ performance at home. He even titled the broadcast, “Can’t Believe They Made Me a Snowman,” making reference to the surprise “appearance” he had at the Gayo Daejun, which made him burst out laughing. He wished ARMY a happy holiday season, and he reminded us to stay healthy and safe, that this situation will be over soon, and we’ll be able to see each other again. We’ll be waiting for you, Yoongi!

Taehyung’s Birthday

December 30 is surely a synonym for Kim Taehyung’s birthday. For the last BTS birthday of 2020, ARMYs couldn’t wait to show their love and appreciation for “baby bear TaeTae.” Countless projects were made to celebrate his 25th (international) birthday, including an ad shown in the tallest building in the worldthe Burj Khalifa in Dubaiplaying Winter Bear in the background! Another out-of-this-world project was a video message that flashed on the satellite Ladybird-1, a $16M satellite launched in 2018. That seems insane, but the rest of the boys were not far behind in showcasing their love as well. J-hope, Jimin, SUGA, Namjoon on Twitter, and Jin on Weverse, congratulated him with lovely messages and photos.

Later that same day, Taehyung started a broadcast on VLive to celebrate with ARMY. The live was full of his laughter and smiles. He also spoiled snippets of songs from his mixtape and sang Snow Flower, his recent Christmas-themed song. The whole day was filled with love towards Taehyung who seemed to be having a great birthday.

Records and Achievements 2020

Year-end charts and results are always important, especially if we are talking about the biggest band in the world.

BTS scored the best selling 2020 U.S. song download with their single Dynamite, and they had two other songs in the top 10: Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat) [BTS Remix] and Life Goes On. They finished off 2020 with 6,262,584,219 streams on Spotifythe most for a groupfor a grand total of 14,175,398,900 streams on the platform. BTS also had three number ones on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2020 and 11 entries in the chart. Their recent album BE debuted number one on the Billboard 200, closing 2020 with a total of five number one albums on the chart. ARMY, let’s make 2021 an even bigger year for the boys all around the world!

New Year’s Eve with BTS

The Big Hit Labels online concert, New Year’s Eve Live, took place a few hours before 2021, in South Korea. Many artists, including BTS, invited the new year in with performances, well wishes, and cute videos. Yoongi was able to attend the concert but did not perform any stage choreography. He did a speech in the middle of the show presenting a tribute stage for singer Shin Hae Chul. Closing off the show, BTS performed Dynamite and Best Of Me, and had collaborative stages with Steve Aoki (Mic Drop), Lauv (Make It Right [Acoustic]), and Halsey (Boy With Luv). They also performed Life Goes On and gave their final speech, wishing everyone a happy new year. A couple of hours later, Namjoon posted on Weverse a poetic letter, full of beautiful and meaningful words that touched ARMY.

BTS made sure to keep ARMY busy and happy until the last second of 2020 with them as a sweet company, despite all the struggles they went through as individuals and as a team this year. Let’s do our best to receive 2021 with hopes and faith that this situation will end very soon. Please keep wearing masks and staying healthy, and most importantly, be happy. Happy new year, BTS and ARMY!

Written by: Ala

Edited by: sno and Hel.B

Designed by: ThornToHisRose

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