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Previously on BTS - May 06-12


6th May - 12th May

BTS had a very busy week! Shortly after concluding their performance on the BBMAs, where they won trophies for Top Social Artist and Best Duo/Group, they have started the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour with one of the biggest concerts of their career to date.

The week began with preparations for their stadium tour, set to open on the 5th and 6th of May. Once preparations were finished, the boys performed two sold out concerts at Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena. The day seemed like a dream as, for the first time, BTS performed in front of 90k ARMYs for two consecutive days. The boys took to Twitter as usual with Jungkook tweeting his love for ARMY. Following this, J-Hope tweeted in English for the first time, writing a long caption which included, “we'll come back."

The next day seemed to be a cheerful one for all the members as everyone enjoyed their free time doing things that interest them. Jungkook went to Ariana Grande's concert where they met and congratulated each other. Later, Jungkook tweeted in English to show his appreciation for Ariana's performance, saying, “I am really challenged by her stage and will try harder!” Ariana also showed her gratitude and thanked Jungkook for coming via her Instagram page.

On the same day, Namjoon visited a museum to enjoy his free time and he posted several pictures with Mark Landwehr, one of the sculptors of Coarse figurines. J-Hope had also spent some quality time exploring architectural items around the area, while Jin went to an amusement park, captioning his tweet with “American amusement rides are awesome!”. The day ended with Jungkook tweeting of a short video of him exercising at the gym with his coach.

On 8th of May, the boys met with John Legend and Jimin posted an 11 second video of the maknae line saying, “I love you!” That evening, Yoongi was spotted at the L.A. Dodgers game, supporting his favourite player RYU. Paparazzi also made sure to capture every moment of him enjoying himself with his Manager Sejin.

BTS arrived in Chicago safely on the 10th of May for another stop on the Speak Yourself tour, this time at Soldier Field. BTS then announced the dates for their new Japanese single 'LIGHTS' which is scheduled to be released in July. On the 11th of May, Jimin and J-Hope explored Chicago and posted some pictures of them enjoying the city.

Finally, it was D-day for the first concert at Soldier Field, with many ARMYs starting to arrive two hours before the show. Spotting the rookie group and Big Hit family members TXT, who were there to support and cheer for their seniors, ARMY welcomed them wholeheartedly by shouting and cheering out their names. The first day of the Soldier Field concerts went very well with everyone attending enjoying themselves despite the unfavourable weather conditions. Members thanked ARMY for attending their concert in the cold weather and Jimin later tweeted in English, telling ARMY to “be careful not to catch a cold”. He also told the Chicago ARMYs that he was “so happy today" and encouraged them to "wear warm clothes" for the next concert, then finalising his message with a simple “Love U”. The day ended with BTS and TXT members posing together for a family photo.

"Previously on BTS" is a new weekly series of blogs created by ARMY Magazine with the aim of helping ARMYs be up to date with the most important events around BTS. Stay tuned for more updates!

Image credits: BTS, Big Hit Entertainment, Rose Bowl

Written by: Jaya

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