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PREVIOUSLY ON BTS JULY 4-10, 2020 Dear BTS,World Charts Domination From ARMY

When you miss someone, you may get them flowers. But when ARMY misses BTS, they are offered chart domination and world records. This is our love language for BTS.

Group Gifts

iTunes Records

ARMY started the week off by pushing Black Swan to its 100th #1 on iTunes worldwide making BTS the first Asian artist in history to do so. BTS also broke the five-year record held by Adele, gaining 104 #1 on iTunes worldwide with help from ARMYs in Nepal, Zimbabwe and Cape Verde. As the week ended, every song from Map of the Soul: 7 has charted #1 worldwide on iTunes at least once.

YouTube Records

Stay Gold, from their upcoming album, Map Of The Soul: 7 - The Journey, rose to the #2 trending song on YouTube global song chart with 58.4 million listens. Also on YouTube, ON surpassed 160 million views while Blood Sweat and Tears became their 7th MV to hit 600 million views.

In total, BTS earned 14 billion views on all their official YouTube videos. This makes them the most-streamed Korean act on the platform. Amazing!

Billboard Records

With Stay Gold debuting at #1 on the Billboard World Digital Charts, BTS earned their 20th #1, breaking their own previous record.

MOTS: 7 regained the #1 spot on Billboard World Album Charts, #7 on Billboard Independent Album chart, #11 on the Top Album Sales/Top Current Album Sales and #14 on Tastemaster. ON is the highest-debuting single on Billboard Hot 100 by an Asian act.

Previous BTS albums such as Love Yourself: Answer, Map of the Soul: Persona, You Never Walk Alone, and the OST BTS World are also charting on the World Album Charts throughout the Top 20.

“The Best” Records

As the music industry reflected on the first six months of 2020, Nielsen Music US released numbers for the “best” albums and artists so far. BTS' MOTS: 7 is currently the 9th best selling album in the US and ranked #1 in total sales and physical sales. The album not only landed at #2 in the Top 5 Genre category, but BTS was also listed as the 2nd best pop act.

Spotify Records

BTS remains the most-streamed Korean group on Spotify, with 13 million streams. MOTS: 7 landed at #9 for the biggest debut of 2020 and ON singles (combined) became their 36th song to surpass 100 million streams.

Love Yourself: Answer has also become their 1st album to hit 3 billion streams and the second non-English album to achieve this record.

Korean Charts Records

BTS continues to chart on the Melon, Hanteo, and Genie Charts in Korea. According to the report, MOTS: 7 landed at #1 on the overall albums chart, as its sales crossed 3.7 million copies, and was titled an unbreakable record in Kpop.

Melon named BTS as the group whose song ON had the longest weeks on Melon’s Top 10, spending the most hours at #1. Melon also charted over 16 songs, including the entire MOTS: 7 album, Boy With Luv, and Spring Day. BWL has now spent 52 weeks in total in the Top 30 of Melon Weekly and 62 consecutive weeks in the Top 100.

Although BWL surpassed Spring Day as the group’s most-streamed song on the Genie Charts with 99.7 million streams, our Queen Spring Day remains the longest-charting idol group song on Melon, with 177 weeks in the Top 100.

Individual Presents

These record-breaking accomplishments don't end with BTS as a group. Each member has also achieved individual rewards.

Rap Line

SUGA’s Daechwita and Agust D both earned 100 million views on YouTube. Daechwita also surpassed Mic Drop, with 70 #1 on iTunes worldwide. On top of that, each song in D-2 charted at #1 in a country.

Additionally, j-hope's Hope World charted in over 40 countries at #1 on iTunes, while Outro: Ego earned over 25 #1 on iTunes worldwide.

Lastly, RM’s second mixtape, mono. became the first album by an Asian artist to attain iTunes #1 in over 100 countries.

Vocal Line

Moon by Jin peaked at #8 on the iTunes chart this week and Jungkook's My Time earned its 50th iTunes #1 worldwide, tying with BTS' Japanese single, Lights.

Jimin's song, Filter has garnered over 60 million streams on Spotify and attained over