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Hey there ARMY! What a week it’s been, right? No matter how long we have spent with BTS, the emotions this week have hit us all the same. This blog will cover the rest of our gifts from FESTA and other occurrences of the week. Let’s go!

Going Through Emotions: FESTA Edition

On Spotify, BTS gifted us recordings of their voices in which they talked about the meaning of FESTA and invited us to enjoy another anniversary with them. It’s always nice to hear what events like FESTA mean to them, because we know the meaning they hold for us as ARMY.

For FESTA updates we received the “2020 BTS Profile 1” and “2020 BTS Profile 2” in which the members wrote profiles sharing more intel on each other.

Then there was the release of the BTS Fake Love @2018 MAMA Performance Practice (Formation Check Ver.) choreography video. In this we get to see their ever dedication to their craft and it makes our hearts grow fonder.

Next came “Answer: BTS 3 Units”, consisting of three videos of RM and SUGA, Jin, j-hope, and Jungkook, and Jimin and V. They sat and answered questions, giving ARMY more moments to speak about.

“BTS Map of the Song: 7” gifted ARMY with extraordinary content. In the video, the maknae line, RM and Jin, and j-hope with SUGA have fun doing karaoke among other activities with each other. Seeing them happy makes all of us happy.

We then finally received the MV for We Are Bulletproof: the Eternal. This MV draws parallels of the journey BTS has been on together as a family and a team but also the times spent with ARMY. The video is a special way to showcase their love for each other and ARMY. This song will resonate with all of us forever, because ARMY will forever walk with BTS.

Achievements and Releases

The MVs for both IDOL ft. Nicki Minaj and Black Swan surpassed 100 million views on YouTube making it 28 MVs to do so. On Spotify, Butterfly is the 33rd song of BTS to surpass 100 million streams.

It was announced that Stay Gold from BTS’ Japanese album will be pre-released on June 19 at 6PM KST.

The 5th episode for BT21 Universe 3 was released on YouTube and it was titled “Trials and Tribulations”.

V LIVE and YouTube

DJ SUGA for Honey FM 06.13 aired a new radio session with Jungkook featuring as a special guest. They read “The Little Prince”' and drew suggested pictures from ARMY. We also got the special treat to hear Jungkook sing a part of Still With You, and it left us all happy but wanting to hear more! Their live was enjoyable and they exchanged kind and heartfelt words with each other and ARMY.

Our hope and sunshine j-hope hopped on VLive to continue his project of making bracelets for the members. He made ARMY smile with his laughter and conversation. It was great to have j-hope spend time with us even though he had just gotten out of practice for BANG BANG CON The Live. This shows how much he loves us.

V went live on YouTube, the vibe of the stream was very much like V’s style of artistry, calm, classic, and sweet. He came on to share some of his thoughts and how he has been. He updated us on the progress of BTS’ new album, and also shared where he is at according to his own music. He said he wants to release his mixtape this year and that he wants to share the best music with us, therefore he’s working hard. No doubt that we will love what he brings out and we can’t wait to hear his soulful voice on more of his creations.

Social Posts and Other Special Updates

Over at Weverse V, RM and Jin interacted with ARMY. V went on to express how much he missed physically seeing ARMY because through writing wasn’t enough, and he also posted a selfie. RM shared a selfie of him in practice, presumably for BANG BANG CON.

On Twitter, SUGA posted his ceremonial selfie with the special guest of Honey FM, Jungkook lovingly referred as the “Little Prince”. J-hope also came on Twitter and posted two selfies in which he showed cute expressions and told ARMY that he missed us. SUGA treated us with two more selfies from Daechwita filming. BTS also updated their Instagram story with pictures of behind the scenes of their BANG BANG CON rehearsals.

BTS celebrated this year's graduates with their participation in the Dear Class of 2020 graduation ceremony on YouTube. BTS gave their sincere thoughts and offered encouraging words to those who needed it, especially those graduating. They also closed the ceremony with a performance that we all anticipated. They beautifully and energetically performed Boy With Luv, Spring Day, and Mikrokosmos. Congrats class of 2020!

ARMY Magazine participated in a project for the 7th year anniversary of BTS. The beautiful project, made in collaboration with other amazing teams, is a documentary showcasing the journey of BTS. It is a gift for both BTS and ARMY that we hope you enjoy.

Lastly, BTS donated $1 million to help the fight against racism and support the Black Lives Matter movement. ARMY then matched the million and raised over $1 million to help with the movement as well. Though the support doesn’t stop there and we are still joined in the fight.

BTS has always shown the importance to fight for what one believes in and what is right. We all stand together to not only celebrate achievements but to also support each other. Be happy and stay safe ARMY. See you next time!

Written by: Lizette

Edited by: Lisa

Designed by: Judy

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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