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Previously on BTS: Butter Has Arrived, and We Can’t Stop Melting Over it! May 22-28

This week has been hectic, since finally, BTS’ second English single Butter was released on May 21. If the song’s swoon-worthy music video was not enough, its comeback promotions have already started, followed by the making and breaking of records. This blog will talk about all the events that took place and BTS’ achievements. So ARMY, let’s get this bread, shall we?

May 22

BTS uploaded three videos with #SmoothLikeButter on TikTok and Instagram (in the form of reels). In each of these videos, the members are busy in different activities, until in typical absurd fashion, one member interrupts them and wears sunglasses in style!

BTS’ interviews with Zach Sang, Zane Lowe, Billboard News, Buzzfeed, ET, and radio stations SiriusXM, Audacy, and 102.7 KIIS FM were published. On the same day, Big Hit Music also showcased photos of Butter’s Official Music Video. The Global Press Conference that happened on May 21 was uploaded on HYBE LABELS’ YouTube channel.

To maintain the anticipation of BTS’ collaboration with McDonald’s, V’s concept photo was posted on all social media platforms, and BTS_official Twitter account revealed the schedule for Global Listening Parties.

May 23

On May 23, BTS won four awards at Billboard Music Awards, including Top Duo/Group, Top Social Artist, Top Selling Song, and Top Sales Artist. They performed Butter for the first time—and there’s no denying that this was BTS’ sexiest performance yet, with more to come! A few hours after the performance, Jimin and j-hope tweeted, and Jin commented on two posts on Weverse. McDonald’s tweeted a concept photo of Jungkook eating chicken nuggets, and the behind-the-scenes video of Butter was disclosed. Adding on to this, BTS is now the 12th most followed artist on Spotify.

May 24

Korean media announced that RM will be on Melon Station’s “Big Hit Music Record” on May 28 at 1PM KST. On Twitter and Weverse, j-hope posted photos of himself at the HYBE Insight museum and at a flagship Louis Vuitton store respectively. Polaroids of all seven members were issued, and BTS became the first group in history to achieve 700 Perfect All Kills in South Korean music charts.

May 25

The dance practice of Butter dropped. On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, BTS did a hilarious sketch on hand gestures with the host and performed Butter with backup dancers. Their suits and set design for the performance was inspired by “The Great Gatsby.” Jimin and SUGA posted on Twitter. Before this, BTS was interviewed by former member of boyband Boyzone, Ronan Keating, at BBC’s The One Show. On TikTok, BTS posted another video of themselves doing the choreography of Butter’s chorus. Weverse Magazine published an article titled Butter Through The Eyes of the Music Industry.”

May 26

The much awaited collaboration between McDonald’s and BTS finally arrived, with the BTS meal and merchandise now available. Plus, a new commercial was broadcasted. Details of online streaming tickets for Muster Sowoozoo were posted, and a new article related to Butter was published in Weverse Magazine. j-hope tweeted two photos of himself in Butter outfits a few hours after the performance aired on Colbert’s show, and the countdown video that aired before Butter MV’s premiere is now on the BANGTANTV channel.

May 27

The much awaited F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reunion special, in which BTS were one of the special guests, is now available to watch on HBO Max. BTS will partner with Lotte XYLITOL for the “Smile to Smile Project” in order to “spread smiles to the world.” It will be launched in select countries with CFs and more videos.

On Twitter, Coldplay’s Chris Martin shared his list of favourite films, tracks and books, and Butter is a part of his list. Another article titled “This is BTS-pop!” is up on Weverse Magazine. Also on Weverse, it was announced that a new remix of Butter was to be released. RM posted on Twitter and Weverse some photos of nature, himself, and excerpts from sculptor Ahn Kyuchul’s book “The Other Side of Things.”

May 28

Butter (Hotter remix) was dropped at 1PM KST, along with the music video. The vibe is hotter, sweeter, and cooler than the original version, but the video is chaotic and endearing. RM made his presence felt at Melon Station’s Big Hit Music Record. A new CF of Samsung, starring SUGA, Jimin, and Jungkook, was published. BTS also opened Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series with their performance of Butter and Dynamite Tropical Remix.

This week has been as exciting as the last one, with more Butter-y performances and accolades to come. Stay safe ARMY and watch this space for the next update!

Written by: Anugya

Edited by: Tori

Designed by: Judy

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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