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This week has been busy for BTS and ARMY. In part because of the group’s growing list of achievements, but also because promotions for their new English single Dynamite (which releases Friday, August 21), officially started on July 31 and an impressive amount of content has been dropping to wet our appetites. For those ARMY who are feeling overwhelmed, especially the newcomers who are experiencing this hype for the first time, this week’s blog is here to catch you up!

Dynamite Promo

To build excitement for BTS’ new single Dynamite, the American music label Columbia Records launched a radio tour in the USA on August 8. Through this radio tour, the hosts of major radio stations listened to the new song to avoid any leaks. Simultaneously, the vinyl and cassette versions of Dynamite were sold out for the second time since release. As of this article, Dynamite has recorded 850k pre-saves on Spotify.

On August 11, the first teaser photos for the single were released on Twitter, Instagram and Weverse, all seven members looking effortlessly gorgeous with their vintage/retro looks. ARMY was especially excited over RM's new aqua blue hair and j-hope’s whole style!

On August 12, the Group Photo of BTS posing on a basketball court was released. ARMY soon pointed out that SUGA was wearing a “Space Jam” jersey and RM’s hairstyle was reminiscent of the one he wore in the FIRE music video. ARMY’s belief that the single would have a retro theme continues to grow.

Achievements and Announcements

On August 8, The Korean Society, a non-profit organisation working to expand the understanding between the people of the U.S. and Korea, announced on their website that BTS will be awarded the James A. Van Fleet Award on October 7. BTS’ eponymous album Map Of The Soul: 7 was certified GOLD in New Zealand (the album’s 8th certification). On iTunes, BTS made history by becoming the first artists to have both a song and an album reach 100 #1s. BTS’ chibi dolls collection, known as TinyTAN also officially made their debut.

On August 10, Big Hit released a survey regarding the possible re-release of past DVDs and albums. You can find the link on Weverse to fill in the survey too! BigHit Edu’s Twitter account announced the new book package of “Learn! KOREAN With BTS” which will come out on August 24. This day also marked two years since Jin’s Epiphany Comeback trailer released for Love Yourself: Answer and one year since V released Winter Bear on YouTube and SoundCloud.

As of August 11, Spring Day has been charting on Melon Weekly Chart for 182 weeks. BTS has also been #1 on the Billboard Social 50 chart for 191 weeks. The Dubbing Director’s Cut Run BTS! Episode was released, where the boys dubbed over each other from their previously shot, four episode mini drama. We also got the third teaser of BTS’ new show “In The Soop”.

August 12 and 13 were packed with exciting announcements and content. Weverse posted an update on the status of Run BTS! and its behind content, explaining that from August 25 to October 13 the behind cuts from Run BTS! would be replaced with the behind cut of “In The Soop”.

The upcoming movie “BREAK THE SILENCE: PERSONA” received an official trailer. BTS, who did not attend the event, won Daesang, Bonsang and Favorite Male Bias Award at this year’s Soribada Awards. Big Hit’s 3rd Corporate Briefing with the Community took place on August 13 to talk about the company’s progress in the first half of 2020 and make announcements.

The major highlights of the Briefing include: the new BTS album and the rhythm game by Superb are to be released in the fourth quarter of this year, i.e between October and December. “Map Of The Soul - ON:E” concert will take place on October 10 and 11, and the book package of “Learn! KOREAN With BTS” will consist of a speaking pen that reads the word out loud as well hidden voice messages by BTS in the book.

BTS, as ambassadors of Hyundai, are also to release a single and music video for the song IONIQ: I’m On It on August 31 and September 2, respectively.

On August 14, BTS made an appearance on the seventh episode of I-LAND, where they gave a test, advice, and left personalized gifts to the twelve remaining participants. A new trailer of “Learn! KOREAN With BTS” book package was released. A Korean Economic News channel included BTS’ comeback in the list of events happening next week that could impact the stock market.

Social Media

BTS continued to spoil ARMY on Twitter and Weverse, with all seven members posting regularly. The members made ARMY’s hearts explode, j-hope especially when he posted a video selfie with his new hairstyle for Dynamite on Twitter.

This week was eventful and chaotic with BTS showering us in all that extra content. Hopefully, we were able to help you catch up with the many things you may have missed. Now sit back and wait with bated breath for more Dynamite teasers and promotional material and stay tuned for our blogs at ARMY Magazine! We Purple You!!!

Written By: Anugya

Edited By: LJ

Designed By: Judy

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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