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From the boys with love, this week has been another declaration to ARMY. BTS never bails on their fans, even when their daily life is as calm as ours. From cute interactions on social media to funny challenges, BTS managed to maintain ARMY’s happiness to a decent level, instilling sweetness into their fans’ routines.

Knock, knock?

Who was there to hype up the week? ARMY’s sunshine, of course! J-hope posted an Ego delay screen on TikTok, giving ARMY a chance to admire his visuals nine times more than usual. He also spent quite some time on Weverse to interact with ARMY.

Also stopping by Weverse, V commented both in English and Korean and helped a fan choose a name for her dog. Jin used Weverse and Twitter to share his new haircut and cute hashtag, #Seokjinning.

ARMY received notifications again from both TikTok and Twitter when V posted a#StayHome video challenge of him dancing in front of his TV. With this, he sent all the bored ARMYs into a hashtag-trending craze about his legs with #TaehyungLegs. On another level of appreciation, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in South Korea Government retweeted V’s tweet to support “wise cultural life.”

SUGA also surprised ARMY on Twitter two nights in a row. He first posted a short video of his computer playing a draft version of Seesaw. The next day he posted a jaw-dropping selfie, which many ARMY were excited to see.

Expect the unexpected

RM also paid visits to Weverse and shared a picture of his bookshelf. Among the books, sorted by subject, one could spot Francis Bacon: Books and Painting by Catherine Howe, The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. ARMY doesn’t expect less from him, but still Namjoon never fails to provide the fandom with food for thought and amaze them with his eclectic choices of reading.

Speaking of ARMY’s expectations, Jungkook posted a selfie on Weverse, ending weeks of silence as well as the fandom’s sanity. Fans went into a frenzy because of this rare, yet adored social media interaction.

Jin also granted ARMY's wishes with a brand-newEat Jin” episode on VLive. While fans were given another chance to admire his new haircut, Jin enjoyed a yummy dinner, winked on request of the viewers and ended the broadcast with the promise to resume flying kisses next time he is on stage.

2 years milestone and more

There is always something to celebrate with BTS. This week marked the celebration of the 2 year anniversary of Jungkook’s Euphoria. Of course, ARMY took to Twitter with the hashtags #2YearsWithEuphoria, #JKEuphoriaTurns2 and #유포리아두살 (Euphoria). BTS’ album Face Yourself is also two years old, and ARMYs cannot believe how fast time flies when listening to such masterpieces.

These celebrations were another reason for ARMY to stream. As a result, BTS’ Spotify account surpassed over 1.4 billion streams in the first 96 days of 2020. BTS has also sold 20.32M copies since they debuted through their 14 albums, breaking the highest record in Korean music history. MOTS: 7 has now spent six straight weeks in the top of Billboard 200.

On the collab side, BT21 released a BTS reaction to BT21 Universe animation on YouTube. Check it out for a good laugh with ARMY’s seven favorite fathers being in awe of their BT21 babies.

On Big Hit’s side

The BTS members are not the only ones taking care of ARMY. Big Hit spoiled the fandom with the release of a BTS episode on YouTube, which was recorded during the 2019 MMAs. This behind-the-scenes video delves back into the members’ amazing solo stage rehearsals and their iconic Dionysus performance. They also dropped two Bangtan Bombs set during the shooting of MOTS: 7 photo concept 4. The first of the two involves V and Jungkook’s hilarious sense of photobombing. The second, well titled “Mischievous Boys,” is all about making faces and teasing. With this kind of content, it’s no wonder that BANGTANTV reached 27M subscribers on YouTube.

Eager-to-learn-Korean ARMYs were also fed with a new Korean lesson with BTS on Weverse. This week was all about learning to count with the boys. 1, 2, 3, ARMY!

The 99th episode of Run BTS! was released as well. This time, the members created crowns, bouquets and boutonnieres in a flower shop under the baffled, yet amused, watch of their teacher. Once again, ARMY witnessed the numerous teases and chaotic scenes that make BTS so likable and entertaining.

With the weekend approaching, Big Hit put icing on the cake with an exciting announcement. On April 18 and 19, an online event called Bang Bang Con will be streamed on BANGTANTV. This marathon will include BTS concerts from “BTS LIVE 2015 ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life on Stage’” all the way to “BTS World Tour ‘Love Yourself’ Seoul.” And you know what, ARMY? The happy owners of anARMY Bomb will be able to pair it on Weverse, so it will be synched to the performance. Isn’t that exhilarating?

ARMY, are you looking forward to binge watching BTS concerts from the best seats you can get, aka your bang, the Korean word for room? We are. Till then, let’s try to stay composed! Purple you BTS X ARMY 💜

Written by: Hel.B

Edited by: Tori

Designed by: Ashley

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.

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