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New album, new collaboration and an usual bunch of records to which they added a handful of adorable interactions on social media, BTS knows how to fill ARMY’s lives with great content. Ready for an exhilarating overview of this wonderful week?

Wonderful Collaborations

This week, IU and SUGA announced their collaboration. These chart-topping and history-making artists collaborated on IU’s digital song entitled "Eight," produced by and featuring SUGA.The track is to be released on May 6.

In other collaboration news, Lauv recently shared in an Apple Music interview, the natural collaboration experience with BTS for his album, ~how i'm feeling~. Lauv expressed he sent the song Who over to BTS, on the chance they might want to join. As we know Jungkook and Jimin eventually featured in it.

Wonderful New Album

In BTS’ first YouTube log of 2020, RM nonchalantly shared that BTS started to work on a new album. As the weeks progressed, we learned this will be an in-depth process, with each member being in-charge of some aspect of the album. Later in the week via Jimin's YouTube Log, Jimin shared he is the project manager of this album. We have no doubt that Park Jimin will guide the collection along spectacularly.

Wonderful Appearances

It's always fun to see how much BTS is a part of pop culture. This week BTS was mentioned in two extremely different shows on Netflix, one in the teen drama "Never Have I Ever" then in the scientific documentary "Absurd Plant." Their relevance was reinforced again when the BTS dolls made an appearance in a Selena Gomez fan-made new music video for her song Boyfriend.

Wonderful Ambassadors

Loyal to their reputation of “Brand Ambassadors Kings”, whether it's selling vitamins, skincare products or phones, BTS released a light and fun ad for the massage chair BODYFRIEND, entitled “BODY Duty Precious." Additionally, as BTS and Hyundai continue their climate change campaign, heart-stopping photos of the members were released for the #DarkSelfieChallenge, created to celebrate Earth Day.

Wonderful Connections

Through “Connect, BTS”, BTS was able to fund the first sustainable flight in human history when "FLY WITH AEROCENE PACHA" took a trip for one hour and 30 minutes. This fantastic achievement aligns with BTS' mission to impact the world positively and radically.

BTS also released the trailer for the docu-series Break The Silence. It highlights their journey on tour, on and off the stage, during the “Love Yourself - Speak Yourself” Tour.

Wonderful Records

Map of the Soul: 7 landed at number 33 on the Billboard 200 track, thus spending its 9th straight week on the chart. MOTS: 7 also maintains its No1 spot on the Billboard World Charts for the 8th week.

BTS made history again on the UK Charts with MOTS: 7 becoming a BRIT Certified Silver album. South Korean Gaon Chart, announced this week that MOTS: 7 is among the Top 100 records sold in 2020 with 4+million sales. They also shared that BTS sold 300K+ from older albums in 2020 and that their title track ON earned 200 million digital points.

With 122 million records sold in total, BTS' "Love Yourself Trilogy" is the best-selling project by a Korean act in history. Euphoria, Jungkook’s solo track, is the highest-selling BTS b-side solo track. Jimin's solo tracks Lie, Serendipity and Filter have all performed well on Spotify, with each song having accumulated streaming numbers between 40 to 150 million.

BTS performing exceptionally on Spotify is no surprise. Mikrokosmos attained 100 million streams on Spotify, making BTS the first group to have 30 songs with over 100M streams on the platform. Considering BTS has 18 million followers on Spotify, this is a fantastic achievement. On the solo side, j-hope became the first K-Pop Solo Act to hit 3M followers.

On YouTube, BTS’ songs IDOL and MIC DROP, have reached 650 million views, their 4th and 5th songs to reach this milestone, respectively. These numbers and the fact that @bts_bighit Twitter reached 20M followers reflect their growth. It's thus no surprise that Forbes Korea has acclaimed BTS to be the No 1. Power Celebrity of 2020.

Wonderful ARMY TIME

Photos, YouTube logs, VLives, tweets, and WEVERSE are ways BTS have maintained communication with ARMYs during these difficult times. Despite “MOTS Tour” being rescheduled and an unfortunate mistake in the merch design, ARMYs were thankful for all the BTS interactions.

In his first YouTube log appearance, SUGA shared his new hobby of painting with ARMYs for an hour. If that wasn't enough, the day before, he shared that DJ SUGA's Honey FM 06.13 was about to make its return to VLive. On the same day, ARMYs were treated to the Bangtan Bomb of BTS’ preparation, attendance, wins, and performance at the MAMA 2019 Awards. 24 hours later, Jimin, Jin, and SUGA had some fun playing Just Dance on VLive. Needless to say this moment spawned fun conversation, new memes and viral moments.

Later this week, we experienced j-hope’s YouTube Log, which was a much anticipated “Hope On The Street”. J-hope did not disappoint, as this live was worth the wait. Elsewhere online, V shared he is creating music for a future mixtape project. After all this, Weibo, Twitter, and WEVERSE additional interactions were the cherries on top of a content filled week. Which actually makes RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook “The Actual 7 Wonders of BTS.”

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