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Magic Shop: Halloween Edition


Seriously, please be careful if you’re easily scared.

If you love scary stories and thrilling myths, then this blog is perfect for you!

Let’s start out with stories from the members of BTS themselves. Did you know there were moments where the boys would be in the recording studio and experienced ghostly phenomena? At a fan meeting, Jungkook told ARMY that his voice appeared in a recording where he hadn't sung. Another time, their recording completely disappeared!

More of the boys’ experiences include some not-so-true ghosts, but they’re just as scary as if they were real!

BTS was once pranked by Big Hit Entertainment. The Bangtan Bomb “Let’s test BTS’ nerve!” features the boys getting pranked with a jumpscare. Watch the video here.

There's also a video testing the boys’ courage, as they search in the dark for Jungkook in an abandoned factory!

Another more recent scary video is the Rub BTS! episode 24! Our boys were yet again tricked, thinking they were going on an innocent night safari at Everland. The truth was revealed to them, as their bus drove through smoke and zombies started to appear! It's a very fun treat to get in the spooky spirit! Watch the video here.


The Gonjiam haunted asylum. A psychiatric hospital located in J-Hope’s hometown of Gwangju was claimed by CNN as being “one of the freakiest places in the world.” This hospital became one of South Korea’s three major haunted sites where patients haunt the deserted asylum. According to CNN, patients began “mysteriously” dying around 2009, which caused the closure of the asylum. However, Atlas Obscura debunked this myth by finding out that the hospital was closed due to sanitation issues and “other mundane reasons.”

If you're still interested in knowing more about the Gonjiam Asylum, there's a movie called Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum made recently in 2018. You can watch it on Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, or Google Play (all paid subscriptions, if you aren't already a customer).

Gwishin ghosts. These ghosts are usually virgin, female ghosts that closely resemble “The Grudge ghosts.” Gwishin roam around all of South Korea searching for their next victim.

Their purpose for not “moving on” is usually revenge for their death. Some stories have claimed that these ghosts haunt the dark alleyways of South Korea while some only haunt the area they were murdered. The worse their death was, the more malicious they can be to living people.

Jayuro Ghost. There’s a legend that states a young woman waits for a ride on the side of the road. The appearance of Jayuro is quite the scare by itself. It’s said that her face is long and morbid, always looking down. If you get a close enough look at her it will seem that she is wearing big black sunglasses, but those are her eye sockets! Staring too long or trying to talk to her and help will result in a deathly scream from the ghost. If you’re ever passing a strip of highway north of Seoul, be careful of the fog! That’s where she hides.

Neulbom Garden. This site has become extremely popular for its ghostly activities. Ghastly moans and groans coming from the kitchen of the once-popular restaurant nestled on this garden have been reported, along with “tragic circumstances of the previous owners.” After the death of the previous owners, the restaurant was bought and rebuilt. This is where the haunting began. People heard dishes being thrown and dropped everyday, workers would pick up napkins and utensils only to find them back on the floor. Eventually it was closed down yet again due to the constant disturbances from the ghosts.

Jeju island. There are many myths and stories regarding the beautiful and seemingly calm island located just south of South Korea. A few notes to mention: mul gwishin (물귀신)--these are water spirits that have met their unfortunate ending by drowning in the waters of Jeju. If you’re ever in Jeju and see someone with pale skin and wet clothes coming from the water, run. It’s rumored that these ghosts have grotesquely long-stretched arms to pull you under the water and meet your demise, as they did. What’s even scarier is that they can reach you in bathtubs. Yikes! Another worthy mention from Jeju is the Dokkaebi road. This road seems harmless and a very cool touristy place to visit. The road appears to be uphill, and cars and objects drive and ride on it just fine. The creepy part is that this road actually goes in the opposite direction! Cars can be driven in neutral the entire time on the road and still “pull upwards.” You can place objects on the road and manually push them “down,” but you will soon find the objects coming right back to you!

Want even more scare? Head to Netflix, and watch these movies listed as the “Best Asian Scary Movies” on Netflix!

Train to Busan | Shutter | The Wailing | Eerie

If you're up for paranormal scary movies, then try watching The Grudge. It's a Japanese movie inspired by a real experience, and it's extremely scary. Trust us on this one, don't watch it by yourself or in the dark.

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