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House of ARMY pt. 1. How BTS has Brought Moms and Daughters Together

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we wanted to do a blog about how BTS has brought moms and their kids together. We surveyed the ARMY Magazine staff and found that several of us are ARMY because of our daughters, while two of us brought them into the fandom. These are some of our stories.

My ARMY story began when my daughter found BTS on YouTube. After trying to ignore her for a few days, I realized I’d better figure out this whole BTS thing. I watched the People Confess Sesh video over and over until I could identify all 7 of them and had chosen my bias (it’s Jimin, by the way). Now we love to pretend we are choosing clothes for V while we shop. I won’t ever be able to thank BTS enough for bringing us closer.

Marcie and daughter

Many of my colleagues at AM share a similar sentiment. Shay, our general manager, loves that she and her daughter have bonded over their mutual interest in BTS. “We watch MVs, Lives, Run episodes and spend quality time enjoying each other’s company,” she says. Shay is very appreciative that BTS has brought them together and says it’s nice to have been able to make this connection with her daughter.

Helene feels the exact same way. She and her daughter used the numerous posters on her daughter’s walls so that Helene could figure out who was who. They got tickets to the Rose Bowl and traveled from Canada to see BTS. They even got into soundcheck and Jin smiled at her daughter! “I refer to this as a Kamehameha of positive vibes and warming energy that wrapped me up forever,” Helene says. “That’s how I fell for BTS and how my daughter and I became closer than ever.”

Sabrina and her little ARMY are both hooked on BTS and even share the same bias, SUGA. On May 19, 2019, Sabrina and her 9-year-old daughter attended MetLife Day 1 together and had a blast. “We will be ARMY for life,” she feels. Camilla, from Norway, also gifted her little ARMY with concert tickets. “For her 10th birthday, we went to the “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour” in Wembley,” she stated. They talk about BTS every day and do all sorts of BTS, BT21, and ARMY things together.

Sabrina and daughter

While it’s fun to watch MVs together, being an ARMY mom is more than that. Jackie’s daughter, who has always been very shy, started to open up to her mom in 2018. “We have grown so much closer through BTS’ music,” Jackie shared. They have waited anxiously to buy tickets, cried at a concert together, and made countless ARMY friends along the way. “I’ve witnessed my daughter grow as a person; I wouldn’t have had a front-row seat to watch her blossom if not for the closeness we developed sharing our love of BTS.”

Jackie and daughter

Robin L. was comforted by BTS’ music when tragedy struck. “After my best friend and her daughter were killed and I watched the UN speech, I found solace in the music.” Robin leaned on her daughter, who did what she does best. “She was present and comforting when I needed her,” Robin said. “A lot like BTS.”

Sandra, who lives in Germany, explained that her daughter is very fond of BTS’ lyrics, especially those of RM and V. During a particularly dark time in their lives, BTS’ words “reached her in a place where mine had no meaning anymore,” Sandra told us. “They impacted her with a growing strength, allowing the view of herself to shift. She started loving herself again and a heavy weight was lifted.” As Sandra watched this change, she gladly accepted the role of ARMY mom and is fascinated by the depth and humbleness BTS exhume. “I look at these young men, working so hard every day to be examples without idolizing themselves. It has led to a huge movement of positive energy at a time when it is most needed in the world.”

Perhaps of all the stories, Robin D.’s is the most relatable for us, ARMY moms. “I’ve always felt blessed to share the love of music with my daughters, Ashton and Ashley. With BTS, I couldn’t understand it all because of the different languages, but as much as it was played, I couldn’t help but listen and watch!” However, Robin soon figured out the talent in their songs, harmonies, and dance had nothing to do with language. “BTS seems genuinely humble and sincere as they care for ARMY and each other,” she says. “I'm 59 and I can still appreciate their music, dancing, and all of the eye candy! Through them and my daughters, I can remain “Forever Young!” We couldn’t agree more, Robin!

We have loved learning about each other’s ARMY mom stories but now it’s your turn. Tell us your ARMY mom story. And if there are any ARMY dads out there, reach out to us because it will be your turn soon; House of ARMY pt. 2 will feature dads. Until then, purple you!

Written by: Marcie

Edited by: Jessenia

Designed by: Achan

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.

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