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BTS: PROOF of Inspiration

ARMY is waiting with bated breath as we anticipate BTS’ comeback with their anthology album, PROOF. The album features a 48-track compilation of many of the band's hit singles, from demo versions of their songs to their debut single No More Dream, as well as three brand-new songs.

In the days leading up to the album, each member of the band shared a video clip of less than a minute explaining their reasons for choosing a particular song for the album. The short clips, titled “Proof of Inspiration,” were revealed in the reverse of the 2 Cool 4 Skool member teaser order.

The first clip was from V, explaining why he chose Singularity and Zero O’Clock for the album. He shared how he thought hard about who he was as a person – the artist V who performs on stage, and Kim Taehyung, who spends ordinary days with family and friends. V said that with time, he has learned to embrace his two sides. The emotional message is supported by breathtaking visuals captured by V himself.

The next clip was from Jin, giving his reasons for choosing Moon and Jamais Vu. He shared how he and ARMY are inseparable, like the Earth and the Moon. With finger hearts in the background and reiterating the unbreakable bond between him and ARMY, Jin said, “You are my and BTS’ living Proof.” Akin to the lyrics in Jamais Vu, Jin said he thinks about the members and ARMY whenever things get tough.

Jimin dedicated his Proof of Inspiration to the BTS members in the third clip. He chose Filter and Friends to be on the album. Jimin shared that he wanted to show his various sides to ARMY and still has many different colors left to share. We were touched to hear that it is the members and ARMY who remind him of his true hue and essence. “You are my proof,” he affirmed as he shared pictures of the other members in the background.

The fourth clip was from Jungkook, who added Euphoria and Dimple to the album. He confessed to being the happiest when he performs and hears the resounding cheers from ARMY. He expressed his joy of being on stage and added pictures of ARMY cheering during their concerts. Our hearts swelled with pride when Jungkook said, “Me happily making music while watching ARMY, and your smiles as you watch me, these are my proofs.”

Next, RM elaborated on why he wanted Intro: Persona and Stay to be on the album. He pondered upon who he really was as he continued to witness his different personas. "There’s Kim Namjoon as a human being, Kim Namjoon as a family member and friend, and RM who makes music," he added. At first, he saw that as a burden since he has all these different sides to him, but with time, he came to understand that all these personas are “he, himself.” RM expressed how the members and ARMY “who ‘Stay’ed by my side no matter which of the ‘me’s I was, are my proof.”

The sixth clip was from SUGA, who added Trivia: Seesaw and BTS Cypher PT. 3: Killer to the album. The two songs are completely contrasting in style. Seesaw, which is relatively calm whereas Cypher PT. 3 is powerful and full of energy. SUGA wondered what range of songs he could come up with within these polar opposite songs to expand his musical spectrum. For his Proof, he shared, “challenging myself with no limits in the musical spectrum is who I am and who BTS is.”

The last clip was j-hope’s Proof of Inspiration. He included Her and Outro: Ego in the album. He mentioned how Her was essentially a love song but then he said that he saw some ARMYs interpret the lyrics as being more complex. j-hope acknowledged that there were times when he had to wear a ‘mask’ to hide the sides of himself that he didn’t particularly want others to see. He came to embrace these sides as part of his identity, his “Ego” because ARMY and the members “accept all of me.” “Who I am, just as I am, my ego is my proof.”

The members have all shared how they have come to embrace parts of themselves that were previously difficult to accept; their “proofs” and using music as a means to find their own identities. Their own essence is what makes BTS so special. BTS will continue to keep making incredible music, and we look forward to the upcoming album!

Written by: Pluto

Edited by: Cassie

Designed by: Nico

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