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On May 21, BTS’ new song Butter dropped and since then, ARMY’s hearts have been melting for the boys’ mischievous looks and the song’s addictive tempo. Ready to dance and enjoy the most exciting summer vibes ever, ARMY? Let’s take a look at what makes Butter the perfect recipe for a hit song.

Pour a lot of fun and mix smoothly

Butter is BTS’ second English-language track after the Grammy-nominated smash title, Dynamite. At the Global Press Conference held right after the release of Butter, Jimin said that they tried to come up with a song that is easy to listen to, while Jungkook pointed out that “it is a very fun song, very lively.”

Butter is indeed a fun and catchy song that ARMY anticipated for weeks. The excitement began with an animated video of butter melting in the shape of a heart alongside the sound of sizzling. Fan theories bloomed as more teasers and photos were sequentially released. Would it be about romance? Was it a rock anthem? Nobody had a clue.

Add seven teaspoons of Love

The surprise was even more electrifying. Butter has no deep message, its purpose is to be listened to again and again, while having a blast. It is perfect for playing at the beach, during a drive or simply to lift up the mood. While it is not an outright ‘love song’, according to Jimin it is “sort of a confession.” The lyrics, “Smooth like butter / Like a criminal undercover / Gon’ pop like trouble / Breakin’ into your heart like that!” and later on in the song, “Got ARMY right behind us when we say so” is nothing but an affectionate message from BTS to ARMY. One can also see it as a subtle reference to Pied Piper which had this “we know you love us, let us play charmingly with your feelings, and make you fall in love even more” kind of vibe.

The witty rap verses written by RM, add a personal touch to the song, fitting flawlessly the rapline’s personalities and styles. In no time, Butter’s steady up-tempo beat and easily sung lyrics literally slip “smooth like butter” into the listeners playlists worldwide, and BTS’ simple yet beautifully rendered choreography would make anyone dance.

… And a pinch of radiance

Speaking of dance, the MV itself is an invitation to party. It is colorful and extremely buoyant, rapidly sequenced, starting with black and white screens, continuing with brighter colors as the members begin to assume their “smooth criminal” status, to finish with vibrant butterish tones of yellow. The members’ charms and styles glow at every instant, through their outfits, smirks and sexy looks -- with a special mention to the dance break, where they all unveil their freestyle skills.

Want more? The boys kiss their hand (which gives Jungkook the chance to smooch his ARMY tattoo with his lips four times during the whole MV!), each time they pronounce the alluring “High like the moon, rock with me, baby!” Who wouldn’t be liquefying at that point?

Cook slowly and enjoy indefinitely

A new BTS comeback is always synonymous with a renewed crush for their music but also with massive streaming parties that show ARMY’s love for the boys’ artistry. Butter’s release was hugely celebrated on YouTube, on Spotify, and of course, on social media. The song earned 11+ million global Spotify streams, breaking the previous opening day record. The MV broke YouTube premiere’s record with over 3.9 million concurrent viewers at the time of the release and earned 108.2 million views in its first 24 hours, breaking Dynamite’s previously owned record of “biggest first-view-day count of all-times” with 101.1 million views.

To date, the music video for Butter has come across 220 million pairs of eyes but it is only the beginning. On May 26, 200,000 ARMYs joined @btschartdata on Twitter, for a giant worldwide Butter streaming party via an app called Stationhead, which takes each and every stream into account. On that same day, Big Hit Music and Columbia Records hosted one of their own BTS official listening parties that was joined by more than 58,000 ARMYs. It took ARMY only five days after Butter’s release to achieve those amazing records and summer is not even there! It is safe to say that we have many “butter” days to come!

Butter definitely lives up to its description of a dance pop summer song. We hope that you “got the right vibe.” Let’s continue to spread our Purple Love for the song all over the streaming platforms, ARMY! “Get it, let it roll!”

Written by: Hel.B Edited by: LJ

Designed by: Lira

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