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It is a fact that BTS and ARMY love and miss each other tremendously, even more so, if a day were to pass by, without any form of social media contact. With the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic putting many on lockdown, it has heightened our longing and love for one another. However, BTS and ARMY made sure that there were plenty of positive interactions and love to go around!

Never failing in keeping ARMYs happy, Jin posted a selfie. If the aim was to uplift ARMYs' spirits, then it certainly helped. One of the members also shared their playlist, which is worth a check out!

SUGA also tweeted a cute selfie and V warmed ARMYs' hearts around the world, by posting a video of himself. In this video, he is being his sweet, adorable self as he signs albums while listening to one of his favorite songs.

ARMYs collectively squealed, when Big Hit revealed that they can learn Korean with BTS. The first three episodes were released this week on Weverse and even Forbes and Naver posted articles about this.

You feel that you need more, ARMY? Well, here is some more BTS news for you to catch up on: a Love Yourself: Speak Yourself in Seoul episode was released on Youtube. Later on, it was confirmed that BTS will appear on a special James Corden show next week. Don’t worry ARMY, they won’t put their health at risk. They will participate from home, in South Korea.

Also, BTS’ ON second MV has reached 100 million views and three members of BTS have now scored Top 10 hits on the sales chart. On top of that, BTS were once again on top of the Billboard Top Social 50, spending a record of 171 weeks at number 1. Congratulations BTS!

Then, just when we thought that we couldn't love them more, BTS posted an encouraging message for ARMY using #StayStrong_ARMY.

This week, the new Fila Voyager collection was unveiled, with BTS modeling some of their exclusive fashion wear. It would be absolute heaven, if ARMY worldwide could get their hands on these items, don’t you agree?

Let’s not forget that another much anticipated Run BTS! Episode was also released. The boys held a pajama party and played games, one of which was Animal Kingdom. If you are in need of a good laugh, there is no better way to distract yourself than watching this new entertaining episode of Run BTS!

Two Bangtan Bombs were also released this week. In the first one, Jin and Jungkook are seen goofing around on set, while waiting to be called for their photoshoot. They somehow managed to find a red plastic hammer and started playing with it.The maknae and his hyung always have fun, whenever they are together. The second Bangtan bomb is a stage self-cam. It shows the boys on stage, performing Spine Breaker. Their chaotic burst of energy never disappoints. Look out for Jin towards the end!

ARMY were also happy to find out that a Japanese song titled Stay Gold, is set to be released in April. This will be a Japanese OST for the drama, "Spiral Labyrinth-DNA Forensic Investigation", a thriller based on a manga. This song will be their second Japanese OST, after Don't Leave Me was recorded for the Japanese drama, "Signal".

In the meantime, Big Hit announced that the North American leg of the “Map of the Soul Tour” has been postponed. European dates remain unaffected at this time.

Jimin fulfilled a promise made on Weverse, by surprising ARMYs with a VLive. RM joined him briefly, blowing kisses and shaping hearts with his hands, before saying goodbye cutely. Jimin went on to talk about the dumplings incident and the process for making Friends. But the iconic moment was when Jimin interrupted his VLive with a bathroom break, leaving ARMYs with an empty room. After returning with an embarrassed look, Jimin started a new VLive, asking ARMYs to forget what had happened.

Despite these uncertain times, BTS and ARMY have shown their everlasting love and appreciation for each other. As long as we have each other, we will overcome any hardships that come our way. Stay strong, ARMY! Take care, stay indoors and keep streaming. Fighting!

Written by: Nawaahl

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Designed by: Judy

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