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Ready for a quick recap of the latest season of “Bon Voyage”, ARMY? This season was filled with BTS being mesmerized with Mother Nature, Jungkook's hairstyle tests, Jimin and V playing with snow, SUGA’s cooking, Jin’s rap skills, RM’s thoughts and a bunch of Chicken Noodle Soup challenges featuring J-Hope. “Bon Voyageee, clap clap!”

Episode 1: New Adventure but Same Excitement

Before going to New Zealand, BTS gathered to decide their route and activities there, after doing their own research on the internet. At that point, ARMY found out how varied their preferences were. Suga and Jin didn’t care about the other activities as long as they would be able to go fishing, RM wanted to try swinging in the air, and Jimin’s wish was to see the aurora… A new famous “Bon Voyage” chant was also created by V (with a bit of help from Jimin and RM) in this episode.

Once they finished packing up their bags, they headed to the airport but Jin had to take a separate flight because of some issue with his travel documents. When they finally got into the plane, the six members were impressed with the flight facilities. They could turn their seats into a bed, had speedy Wi-fi and delicious food. They had to wait several hours in Singapore for their connecting flight to New Zealand but found various ways to entertain themselves and ARMY. After more than 11 hours in flight, they finally arrived in Christchurch. Jin joined them a moment later after sharing a new “Eat Jin” tip from the plane: “if you want to eat cheese ramyeon but you don’t have cheese, pour a dash of milk instead!”

Episode 2: Youth Through BTS’ Eyes

As soon as they left the airport, they stopped for their first meal in New Zealand. Or should we say feast, judging from how much food they ordered?

Happy with their full tummies and before hitting the road towards their first hotel, they went shopping for winter gear such as wind breakers, hiking trainers, and hats. They also grabbed some groceries, as they would need to cook by themselves during the journey. A cute interaction happened in the parking lot between Jungkook and Jin when Jin tried to “help” Jungkook tie his hair. Jungkook refused and ran away. The scene ended with a broken hearted Jin saying: “Jungkook used to listen to me when he was younger”.

Their journey then continued happily with the members split in two teams: campervan and SUV, all of them doing a hilarious “car-aoke” session led by Jin and SUGA through walkie talkies.

During a quick stop to recharge their energy, J-Hope and V decided to film a Chicken Noodle Soup challenge video, which made J-Hope blush.

The first night they stayed in a wooden cabin and they had to choose their room. As usual, the game to do so was endearing.

The next morning, Jungkook’s cameramen were flustered because he woke up early and had a morning hike alone, to bring back a big piece of snow from the mountain. Well, what can’t Jungkook do?

Episode 3: The Stars are Shining for You

This episode started with a hike nearby. They were all being playful while climbing their way up, even when they were out of breath. Exhaustion quickly paid off though, with a beautiful view at the top.

Back at the cabin, they had breakfast then packed their stuff to drive to their next destination, the Pamban Cafe. During a stop for gas and more clothes shopping, Jin decided to pull a prank on J-Hope, who had gone back into the shop for a refund. They all left J-Hope behind, ready to pretend they hadn’t realized he wasn’t there. But they quickly felt bad and came back to pick up J-Hope who playfully vented his anger to his brothers on their way to the cafe to eat. The SUV team (Jin, SUGA and V) then went grocery shopping again while the other four waited at the cafe and played with the animals and flowers there. After shopping, ARMY had a chance to see V driving for the first time while they were heading to the observatory! This clip of him driving went viral and took the internet by storm for a while.

The view outside the observatory was so fantastic that they couldn’t help but jump around to take pictures. The “maknae” line also made another Chicken Noodle Soup challenge video there! At night, they went stargazing which made them speechless and amazed. After that, they were ready to sleep at the lodge.

Episode 4: Winter Finds Its Way in September

Once again, BTS’ room selection turned into a funny game! Jin got lucky and ended up on his own in the largest room, making his brothers jealous.

Then SUGA got ready to cook “kimchi jjigae” while J-Hope cleaned their campervan. After dinner (and praising SUGA’s cooking), V volunteered to wash the dishes.

The next morning, they went to shop for their dinner and took the time to play around with a zipline in a playground. On their way to Mount Cook, they passed Lake Pukaki and were so mesmerized by the view that Jimin practically begged the production and SUV teams to stop for a while and take pictures. At Mount Cook they hiked the trail, and once again New Zealand’s fascinating landscape took their breath away. They took a lot of pictures here and there, looking completely stunned and thankful about this opportunity. Once they had finally reached the glacier, it didn’t take them long to start a snowball fight. RM also took some adorable pictures of Jimin that he posted on social media for his birthday. Do you remember, ARMY? The captions were: “Little Jimin, Big Jimin”.

The episode ended with BTS trying to set up a tent at the camping site...

This is only half of their journey, ARMY! Please, look forward to our Bon Voyage 4 Recap Part 2. Don’t worry, it won’t take too long to come!

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