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Hope you brought your safety helmets, ARMY, because you’re in for a wild ride.

BTS showed the world once again how to hold a concert just right! The group’s two day online concert lured in fans from all over the world with some connecting through video calls, their cheering being heard during ments and performances. So, let’s get straight into a recap of what happened during this crazy weekend.

Bring it ON

BTS dove into it with the first ever concert performance of ON. Riding the energy train, they followed up with N.O and We are Bulletproof pt.2, including a different dance break each day. Not even 15 minutes into the concert, it was already time for a VCR, which introduced RM's solo, Persona.

Boys in Luv

RM dominated the stage with Persona, and his powerful aura continued to shine through in Boy In Luv as the rest of the members joined him onstage. After that came the usual introduction and first interactions with the ARMYs that were connected through video calls. BTS kept up their energy with a slightly altered version of Dionysus.

Shadow O’Clock

The next VCR introduced Shadow, SUGA’s solo, where he rapped alongside shadow-like creatures pushing in from the walls. Following the shadow theme, the six members joined SUGA for a captivating stage of Black Swan, featuring a contemporary dance solo by Jimin. Shifting the mood dramatically, the rap line came through with UGH! inside a laser boxing ring. The vocal line then performed their song, 00:00 (Zero O’Clock), which included a small choreography towards the end of the song -- segueing perfectly into the next half of the concert.

Vocal Line Solos

After that, yet another VCR played to announce the vocal line’s upcoming solos. Jungkook was first up with a sensual performance of My Time, showing that he has truly grown up. Subsequently, Jimin was next with Filter, a flirtatious performance with him mischievously playing around with clothes. Next, up above on his little planet, Jin sung Moon upon a “Little Prince” inspired stage where he could be seen alongside other dancers adorned with fox masks. V was last up with Inner Child that included a carousel with a little boy resembling him riding on it. On both days, ARMYs on screen could be heard singing in the background of Inner Child during V’s ad-lib.

Just trust myself

Last -- but definitely not least -- was j-hope’s Ego. His performance started inside an old-fashioned car and finished with him doing a fun dance, the other members joining one-by-one for the next song. Channeling their inner “Singing in the Rain” vibes, BTS performed Boy with Luv with LED umbrellas before announcing their “last” three songs: DNA, DOPE and No More Dream. These were chosen because DNA allowed BTS to be known worldwide, DOPE granted them to be known in Korea, and No More Dream first introduced them to the world. These stages were amped up using augmented reality resembling the music video for DNA and an elevator for DOPE. No More Dream’s performance was simpler but just as impressive with its new stage mix, special effects, and iconic dance break.

Encore! Encore!

Of course, we all knew BTS weren’t serious when they said that those were the last songs, since the encore stage had yet to occur. The set-list for the encore switched between the two days; on the first, they sang Butterfly, RUN, and Dynamite; and on the second, Spring Day, IDOL, and Dynamite. During the encore, all the ARMYs connected by video call could be seen in the background as BTS took the time to admire them. However, things got a little riled up once they reached RUN and IDOL, as they unleashed all of their hype into their second-to-last song, Dynamite.

BTS then shared their ending-ment, expressing their gratitude and frustration for the two online concerts. J-hope said ARMY was the force that drove him to continue, and Jimin confessed that he had been having a hard time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. RM finished off on a positive note by saying, "We will find a way, and if there is no way, let’s draw the map, the whole map again.” With that being said, BTS concluded with We Are Bulletproof: the Eternal.

Online Exhibition

Although all the concert shenanigans were over, BTS is not quite done with us yet.

Big Hit is holding an online exhibition ‘MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E (오,늘)’ to showcase BTS items and content, similar to the ‘24/7=Serendipity (오,늘)’ exhibition previously held in 2018. Throughout the exhibition, special messages are left by each member, amidst them a birthday wish from V to Jimin. Somewhere in the middle, you can also find the merry-go-round from Spring Day, where pictures of the members are displayed. This exhibition is being held from October 13 to November 11, so be sure to get your tickets on Weverse Shop and check it out!

That was quite an emotional rollercoaster wasn’t it? Let us know your favorite part of the concert and enjoy the rest of your week. As always, we purple you!

Written by: Alice

Edited by: sno

Designed by: ThornToHisRose

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