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As September greets us, we happily celebrate the birthday of Bangtan’s sweet, golden maknae Jungkook!

This year, Jungkook’s birthday is one that will be held close to BTS and ARMY’s hearts forever. Along with the anticipated birthday celebration came a great present: hitting #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart! How lovely that this euphoric moment debuted on the birthday of “the cause of our euphoria” himself.

With his voice and dedication to his craft, Jungkook inspires ARMY everyday. His words--either written, sung or spoken--move and encourage us. Therefore, ARMY wants his birthday to be a great celebration every year. Let’s see how it went this year!

Golden Times

The birthday wishes for Jungkook began with very emotional posts on Weverse and Twitter by his hyungs.

On Weverse, both Jin and RM mentioned how the new milestone was the best gift for Jungkook.

Later that day, Jungkook got on Weverse to write a heartfelt letter to ARMY. Jungkook began by saying that he wanted to come sooner but fell asleep. He wanted to let us know that he was happy and grateful. He also wondered what he had done in a past life to have received so much joy in one day, ending it by saying how much he loves ARMY and that he wanted us to be happy too.

Captioned with congratulations, Jimin shared pictures of himself and Jungkook on Twitter. j-hope also tweeted and shared pictures featuring him and Jungkook, one of them being the strawberry farm picture. SUGA tweeted a happy birthday for Jungkook, still filled with a lot of emotion.

Jin tweeted a birthday wish, writing that he had decided to choose a photo in which Jungkook looked good instead of a funny one. V also took to Twitter to post a video congratulating the sleepy, “Billboard #1 singer” birthday boy on his special day.

Being the ever so loving hyungs, their words and shared moments showed how much they care and love their maknae.

The world map lit up purple once again in celebration of him. There was no shortage of birthday wishes and hashtags created globally. All of them reminded us of the moments we have spent alongside Jungkook.

ARMY knows how special they are to Jungkook, who always sends love and keeps us close. That is why it is no surprise that ARMY wanted to return the favor.

Pictures @Jungkook_China on Twitter

There were signs, banners, and billboards on stations, cafes, and buildings. There were even words and images made of lights in the sky. Jungkook’s birthday celebration was worldwide; every ARMY was excited to show their love for BTS’ maknae.

Our Magic Shop

Layout offered by @ParkJeonLuvve on Twitter

Jungkook has continuously mentioned how he wants all of us to be happy and that, in turn, will make him happy. Truth is, ARMY has the same desire. To honor his noble heart, ARMYs all over the world created various projects and donations.

One of the charity projects was by @OneInAnARMY to raise funds for the Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights. The foundation aids survivors of violence and trauma by providing various forms of therapy. The funds were for their Healing Garden, in which the survivors have a safe space where they receive help and support.

For more information, we encourage visiting @OneInAnARMY on Twitter, as well as look through other various projects as some are still ongoing.

There were so many projects spreading support, positivity, and love. It is wonderful to see how ARMY can send so much love to Jungkook through their generosity. We are all sure Jungkook was proud to see all of it.

Surprise VLive: Gather ARMY!!

One of the biggest treats ARMY received on this special day was a VLive broadcast. BTS came together to celebrate Jungkook’s birthday and the #1 with everyone.

It began with Jimin bringing a special cake while all the members (featuring ARMYs at home) sang happy birthday. Jungkook blew out the candles and thanked everyone, followed by celebratory drinks of citron ice tea for the hyungs and milk for Jungkook.

Jungkook talked about how he had seen the many support projects and events ARMYs had done, which made him feel grateful and glad he was born. ARMY is glad that he was born, too!

Jungkook spoke on achieving the #1 milestone on Billboard and that it was one of the best gifts ever. We are happy that Jungkook was able to have so much to celebrate!

Just like Jungkook shows us his love, ARMY wants to continuously show him love. His bunny-like smile brings us joy, and his words and voice give us solace. We wish happiness and good health to ARMY’ star in the sky, Jungkook.

Written by: Lizette

Edited by: sno

Designed by: Achan

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.

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