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What A Sweet Day: Happy Birthday Suga!

March is here and with this month of transition, we welcome a sweet birthday celebration! SUGA is a fitting March baby, as some fun facts say that people born in this month are intuitive, creative, devoted, generous and enjoy their quiet time to think and create. Our SUGA has brought out masterpiece after masterpiece, whether it be as SUGA, Agust D or Min PD, giving us music with passion and wisdom. We could not be more proud and that is why it is no surprise that ARMYs wanted to make his day special in every way possible.

Let's see what was in store on this special day!

Were You Shocked?

Every year, even when it is not our birthday, we are gifted with glimpses of the boys’ celebration. They started off by sharing a tweet with a video of their time at dinner together. Jimin entered with a cake and they all sang happy birthday, as only BTS knows how. The best part was SUGA’s classic reaction, pretending to be shocked at the surprise.

This moment was followed by a second tweet, in which Jin pays a hefty price for, according to his words, not watching what he says. Even though we all know Jin was glad to gift such a good meal to the birthday boy, SUGA was able to enjoy a good time with his members, eating delicious food. Later, SUGA came on Twitter to say thank you and send love to ARMY for making his birthday a happy one. He also jokingly wondered whether ARMYs had eaten fried chicken with salt, just the way he likes it. RM then shared some charismatic photos of SUGA and wished him a very happy birthday.

SUGA’s birthday was celebrated across the globe, as around 11 hashtags trended worldwide. ARMYs shared how SUGA inspired so many souls all over the world and how they have taken up his words and lyrics as new philosophies. SUGA’s genius was celebrated by sharing his songs, advice and the way everything he says comes true. Though one of the aspects that ARMYs celebrated the most on this day, is how he makes us all happy, just by being himself.

There were plenty of good wishes sent out from fanbases and ARMYs from all walks of life. Fellow singer-songwriter and friend, MAX (@MAXMusic) wished SUGA a happy birthday by referring to him as a legend, which we all definitely agree with. This message not only warmed the hearts of ARMYs rooting for the newfound friendship but also sparked hope for a collab’.

Many wishes were sent out, all unique but with the same amount of love.

A Perfect Gift

Layout offered by @bbyyoonfi on Twitter

As expected, ARMYs created a lot of birthday projects to show their love for SUGA. Some were created to help charities and others to celebrate online with each other. Some projects included Twitter layout ideas, cup sleeve events and parties.

There were many charity projects ARMYs caringly set up, to support animals, people in different needs and Earth itself. One In An ARMY (OIAA) began the project #WePurpleEarthEarth in honor of SUGA’s birthday, after the previous success of past projects. The project aims to plant more trees and reduce our carbon footprint, among other things, in order to help our Earth. Another project of OIAA in partnership with BTS Mid-Atlantic, named #ChangeWithYoongi, is for the organization, Key Changes, which focuses on how music can help those struggling with their mental health, as well as aiding in recovery through music. This is another meaningful project that brings together two aspects that SUGA often talks about: the importance of music and mental health. There are way too many wonderful and thoughtful projects that were either completed or are still ongoing. We encourage all ARMYs to support these by checking out @OneInAnARMY on Twitter.

SUGA has taught us how we can instill change, so the best gift we can give him is one we give to heal the world.

Surprise VLive: One Day Left To SUGA's Birthday

Screenshot from VLive

As is tradition now, SUGA came on VLive to celebrate with ARMY. Among many wonderful things, he mentioned how much he missed ARMY and how he never cared much for his birthday, but since ARMY celebrated it with him, he likes it. He also shared how he had gone to dinner with his members and ate meat. Moments that filled ARMYs with happiness, were when he mentioned how he enjoyed watching animal videos on YouTube, specifically cat videos and when he sang happy birthday to himself with a fun cake.

We can all agree that SUGA is not only cute enough to look 2 years old to his members, but he is one of the sweetest people to exist. We hope everyone enjoyed celebrating SUGA’s day, though most of all, we hope SUGA enjoyed his day and remains happy and healthy!

We purple you BTSxARMY!

Written by: Lizette

Edited by: Sanam

Designed by: Judy

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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