We Don't Need Permission To Be Creative

Creativity is an inexhaustible resource of expression where the usual language fails, and acts as a medium to convey many feelings like hope, grief, love and reflection. Just like BTS, ARMY has an aptitude for creativity, which they showed time and time again. Let's take a look at the diverse talents of ARMY and how they enrich the fandom community.

Making BTS Inspired

As we dive into the world of ARMYs, there is a kaleidoscope of creativity through which they have artistically responded to BTS. Recently, when Weverse announced a #BUTTER_ALBUM_DECORATION challenge, inspired from BTS' Butter Album Unboxing, ARMY shared pictures of their own beautifully-decorated albums on social media. In addition, when BTSxMcDonald's meal launched, a new imaginative trend developed with ARMYs recycling the meal packaging into a plethora of products – such as bookmarks, phone cases, jewelry, keychains – to celebrate this collaboration.

With any artistic content that BTS releases, whether it be videos, songs or even their lyrics, ARMYs are imbued with vivid ideas. Their creativity can be seen through a myriad of posts made under the #WordsByBangtan, a monthly event started by @wordsby_bangtan. Through the use of artworks, designs, and interpretation through diagrams, these posts are a collection of creative work “to celebrate the lyricism and words by BTS.”

A break from the mundane

When Weverse Magazine published the article, “Fans, Their Voyage in the room”, they mentioned how ARMYs expanded the whole fandom experience during the pandemic by becoming active participants from their own rooms, creating fan art, videos and content.

But even before the pandemic began, ARMYs had shown their creativity incessantly. There is something deep in conflating our story with music we admire and expressing it universally with other ARMYs. In this case, fan art has become a common form of expression, which is shared on social platforms, as well as in ARMY Magazine’s issues, through a dedicated section.

Not only do ARMYs express their artistic talents digitally, but also through different mediums, such as handiwork, threads and yarns. For example, @Sonitchka2 and @ByHer_Crochet create beautiful crochet BTS dolls, whereas @haru01161868 makes amazing and intricately-detailed BTS embroidery.

While many ARMYs are professional illustrators, painters and designers, some create fan art simply as a hobby or to learn and improve their craft. Some, such as @BTSFanArtLOVE, @btsart613, @bts_art_, and @BTS_FanArt promote gorgeous fan art made by other ARMYs, making it evident that anyone can create art, if we immerse ourselves fully into the process and “keep the fire alive.”

A culture of togetherness

By intertwining content made by BTS with the creativity of ARMY, it has cultivated admiration for art in various forms, which showed especially when BTS launched “CONNECT, BTS” in 2020. It was a gift to express their appreciation for all the love they receive by making art more accessible across the world. This has perpetually piqued the interest of ARMY into the artistic world, as well as many of BTS' other works.

Undoubtedly, there are ARMYs who are knowledgeable in the art field. One such ARMY is @artansonyeondan, who runs an intriguing art history account, dedicated to “finding parallels between BTS and art.” By comparing BTS photos with artworks, it has turned into a viable art learning resource for ARMY. Similarly, @Maerlyn8_BTS7 shares “BTS as/in Art edits,” offering a fun narrative by incorporating shots of the members into many fitting works of art.

Map of creativity

As we explore the magnitude of creativity from ARMYs, it is clear that these works are not made for money or fame, but purely for the love of creating. These are presents for BTS and other fellow ARMYs. By sharing and embracing our different forms of expression, it has created a connection that we all desire; we feel seen, understood and healed, much like BTS through their music.

Always remember, ARMY, that “we don't need permission to dance or to [fill in with whatever you’d like]!” Share your creative pieces and experiences, for it is perfectly resonant with the unrefined, bold paths we take every day. The combination of BTS and art has created a stronger bond amongst us because we share common interests and the creativity of ARMY will always be woven deep into our history, making us all cartographers of our interconnected map.

In the spirit of ARMY creativity, we have another special blog planned for you, so stay tuned. Until then, Borahae!

Written by: Ariba

Edited by: Sanam

Designed by: ThornToHisRose

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