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Kim Taehyung, who coined the endearing phrase “I Purple You”, who watches old movies, indulges in art, and listens to Jazz and Classical, is loved dearly by BTS members and ARMY alike. Aside from the genuine masterpiece that is his music and his face *cough*, we are often awestruck with his style of delivering humor with a straight face (no puns intended!)

So, admittedly a little late as we were on a brief hiatus, we’re dedicating this blog to V because we simply cannot let go of 2020 without celebrating his 25th (international) birthday!

To start with, BTS's official pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter uploaded pictures of V on December 30. Keeping in line with tradition, the members expressed their birthday wishes for V on Twitter.

“You're my boy, my boy, My boy, my boy, my boy”

The Twitter saga began when j-hope uploaded a clip of “the coolest and most lovely cutie in the entire world”, wishing him a #HappyVDay! We also got a glimpse of some Hope Film as j-hope posted a few pictures of V from there, calling him his “main character" and closing out with a video of both of them fooling around.

Jimin posted a selfie together with his forever chingu, wishing him “a long and healthy life. Keeping up with their tradition of pranking each other on birthdays, RM posted silly photos of V and wished him a “healthier and happier new year. As expected, SUGA, with his trademark #ItsSugaHyung, congratulated V with a promise to visit Daegu together. In his typical gentle and humorous manner, he also joked about becoming “Captain Korea next year” with him, in reference to V’s thick arms.

V was also celebrated by ARMY who trended at least 21 hashtags on Twitter for V Day. But that's not all! He was celebrated in space through the satellite “Ladybird-1,” and a light and sound show on the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. ARMYs really went all out! LED, billboard, radio, magazine, and television ads popped up in cities around the world to celebrate Taehyung, including ones displayed on the glass-free 3D screens in both New York and Seoul, a first for any idol. Major landmarks in South Korea were also adorned in purple.

“We gon' change”

Among these glamorous celebrations, the most noteworthy of all are the charities that were done at every level across the globe. One In An ARMY started a #HelpingHandWithTae drive to support the LN4 Hand project which provides prosthetic hands to people in need. The 5 day project included 2,530 ARMYs who donated a total of $56,872. The Chinese Fanbase, @KIMTAEHYUNGBar_, funded the construction of “Taehyung Hope Primary School” for children in rural areas. These charities that made major news headlines for leading a trail of positive change in blue and grey times, were only possible with V, who inspires ARMYs to give back and reciprocate the comfort and warmth that they have received from him and BTS.

“Imagine your face, say hello to me”

In a note accompanying his surprise release of Snow Flower, V once again showed his compassion by sharing his appreciation for the frontline health workers whom he called “white angels.” The note explains how he felt sorry for delaying his mixtape and hopes Snow Flower would bring everyone some solace from the painful year.

To express his gratitude for all the love he had received, Taehyung came to VLive on his birthday. He explained the making of Snow Flower, describing the movie references he had used in the song. He then proceeded to talk about the release of his mixtape, saying how he doesn't want to rush through just for the sake of it. Chatting for a while and playing a fun balance game, he ended the live by sharing some of his favorite songs with ARMY.

“How could I know, One day I'd wake up feeling more”

Taehyung is this kind of person. The one who gifts people on his birthday and makes us hope for happier days. So, while we marvel at his compassion and patiently await his mixtape tape, we continue to play and replay the passionate songs which V has released so far.

After all, V's unique style stands out the most in his solo songs with nuanced expressions of emotion. His words paint an immersive picture, dragging us all into the moment with him.

That's a wrap, let us know how you enjoyed V Day in the comments. For more content, check out our special V Issue!💜

Written by: Ariba

Edited by: LJ and Hel.B

Designed by: Rei

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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