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The Official ARMY Magazine Busan Travel Guide

Tickets for BTS’ October 15 concert in Busan predictably sold out in around 35 seconds, but whether you’ll be in attendance for “Yet To Come or you’re simply traveling to the area, there’s tons to do in Busan! Today, ARMY Magazine is providing a compilation of BTS-related travel tips for anyone who hopes to visit the oceanic region memorialized in the likes of Ma City and 팔도강산 (Paldogangsan).

Getting to Busan

For those interested in traveling internationally to South Korea, the most popular route to see multiple regions of the country is the Incheon Airport -> KTX train route. Most major international flights arrive at Incheon airport, which is located just outside of Seoul. After arriving in Incheon, travelers can take the airport train, the airport bus, or a taxi to Seoul Station. Passengers can then board the cross-country, high-speed KTX train that will take them directly to Busan Station. Tickets can be purchased in person at Seoul Station, or in advance via since trains at busier times of the day (or those transporting ARMY to a concert) often book out in advance. If you’re traveling across multiple regions over a short period of time, you can also purchase a flat rate KoRail Pass. If trains seem like too much of a hassle, you can always book a connecting flight directly to Busan’s airport!

Getting Around

Most places in Busan can be reached via bus and/or subway. Foreigners can purchase and add money to their foreigner-specific T-Money public transportation fare card at major Korean airports, large Seoul train stations, and some convenience stores. Additionally, Busan also boasts a repurposed retro railroad line with a Studio Ghibli oceanside aesthetic. The views are breathtaking!

It’s also useful to download a Korean mapping app (Naver Map and Kakao Map are the most popular). Google Maps tends to have better translation capability, but less knowledge of walking or mixed transit routes, so sometimes using two apps is necessary if you aren’t able to find or self-translate a Hangul version of your destination.

BTS Landmarks

Given that both Jimin and Jungkook are from Busan, it’s no surprise that there are several must-see sights for ARMY. Many ARMYs have taken to Twitter with stories of Magnate Cafe, the sprawling coffee shop owned by Jimin’s father. When you first walk into the softly lit space, you’re presented with a table adorned with flower bouquets delivered to the store by ARMYs from all over the world. A shelf on the left side of the café displays many of Jimin’s hats, while another holds rotating artwork (two Andy Warhol paintings were hanging when ARMY Magazine representatives visited in late September). Additionally, artist Lee.K stopped by recently to install a portrait of Jimin that previously hung at the Louvre’s 2022 “Focus Art Fair.” Drink options can be ordered at the shop’s main counter. The café also boasts a “select your own” table of both sweet and savory pastries, as well as a display shelf of cakes and tarts. You may even get a glimpse of Jimin’s dad himself, who often says hello to visiting ARMYs!

A little further west, you can find the well-known Jimin and Jungkook mural nestled in a corner of Gamcheon Culture Village. Originally a settlement for religious refugees, today the area is known for brightly colored houses and artwork that adorns streets and roofs. Visitors can learn more about the history of the village at the museum located near the entrance before walking to see the full-length wall mural of Jimin and Jungkook holding red roses. Nearby is the famous statue of the “Little Prince,” who was also an inspiration for Jin’s “2020 MOTS O:NE” Moon stage.

Namjooning by the Sea

In addition to BTS-specific sites to see, there are a number of wonderful things to do in Busan. For those interested in hiking like RM, there are several beautiful trails with varying levels of length and difficulty that overlook the ocean. At the southernmost end of these trails is the Oryukdo skywalk, where daredevils like Jungkook can look directly below them at the ocean under a cliffside clear walkway. You can see the creatures that live in Busan’s waters up close at the Busan Aquarium or even by scuba diving (basic training also offered). Swimming, laying in the sun, and taking surf lessons are also great ways to pass the time at Busan’s beaches.

Fun in Busan Yet To Come

Given that BTS are official ambassadors for Busan’s 2030 World Expo bid, it seems like the boys will be involved with Busan’s government for some time to promote the region. If you’re looking to visit, or even just familiarize yourself with the province, we hope this has been a good starting point!

Written by: Mariko

Edited by: Dae

Designed by: ThornToHisRose

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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