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The Music Video Stylings of V’s Layover

V tells the story of his debut album, Layover, throughout five music videos with interconnected storylines. The producer and creative director, Min Heejin (also CEO of ADOR), is also the powerhouse behind fellow HYBE artist NewJeans, and has used similar storytelling techniques for them as well.

Even with Heejin’s input, the videos greatly encapsulate V’s essence and have hints of influence from BTS. In an interview with Rolling Stone, V admits that BTS’ “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” era contributed toward his visions for Layover. That era of BTS’ career depicts the struggles of youth and includes several music videos with a connected storyline. Similarly, Layover’s videos reflect adolescence, heartbreak, and loneliness.

Love Me Again

The Layover videos were filmed in Spain, with Love Me Again being shot in the stunning Caves of Drach. The simple and vintage scenery adds to the ambiance of V soulfully singing alone with only CRT televisions and an old microphone as company.

Even with the breathtaking environment, V remains the main focus as he yearns for a lost love. V dons two bedazzled outfits, implying he does karaoke by himself on multiple occasions. He sings to cope with heartbreak and practice expressing the words he wants to convey to his former lover. If given the chance, he wants them to love him again.

Rainy Days

During the beginning of Rainy Days’ instrumental, a phrase summarizing the video appears: “When you listen really carefully, loops go wheeling”. Time warps throughout the video as V’s mind churns while he waits for a message from someone unattainable.

V appears lonely, with only his dog. Initially, many viewers thought the dog was V’s real dog, Yeontan. On Weverse Live, V revealed Yeontan could not go to Spain, so a similar looking dog named Rocky was selected to play him instead.

After a period of defeat, the video transitions to V dozing off and imagining himself as a sculptor, distracting himself with art.

By the end of Rainy Days, V is asleep in the same chair he was in before his dream began, as the first few scenes of the video replay on the television. Even though V attempts to escape his heartbreak, he wakes up feeling the same despair he felt at the start, as the loops in his head continue wheeling.

Slow Dancing

The most complex of the Layover storyline, Slow Dancing, has many layers. Most of the video shows V spending time with friends on a mystery island. However, there are peculiar details about the island and everyone on it.

For example, in the opening scene, everyone has glowing dots on themselves while swimming. Also, images of Yeontan are hidden throughout the island’s landscape. The most interesting giveaway was V’s group photo with his friends, which showed only V when generated.

It is soon revealed that V is a scientist building an imaginary world. Similar to the Rainy Days video, V escapes from his reality in an attempt to soothe his loneliness. This is his way of experiencing the comfort of companionship, which he seems to have lost.


In Blue, V scrambles to meet up with an unknown person. V’s longer hair and the black and white nature of this video allude to a flashback. This video goes back to when V tries to repair his relationship.

The last connecting piece of this relationship is Yeontan, whom viewers later find out is the reason for V’s visit to a mystery apartment. It seems since his relationship fizzled, the two cannot care for their dog peacefully. In the end, a woman, seemingly the former lover, returns Yeontan to V at a park without saying anything to him. This cold breakup leads to the atmosphere in the first three videos.

For Us

The last entry of the series is For Us, which shows behind-the-scenes footage from the previous music videos and some scenes that had been cut. This takes the viewer out of the storyline, breaking the fourth wall between V and the audience.

The simplistic, understated format of this video complements the serene jazz and R&B feel of For Us while beautifully wrapping up the Layover storyline.

Written by: Amaya

Edited by: LJ

Designed by: Achan

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