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The Energy in BTS’ Concert is Unmatchable: ARMY Agreed in Unison

Choosing the best part from a BTS concert? It almost feels impossible. Knowing that there are a lot of ARMYs adoring them from afar, BTS and Big Hit Music always make sure that the experience of seeing them live in every concert will be the greatest feeling ever.

But other than seeing them perform their greatest hits with the most sophisticated yet energetic choreography and stage setup, what else do you think ARMY loves about attending a BTS concert? Yep, you guessed it right. That would be building connections and sharing the same reactions with other ARMYs throughout the concert.

BTS has always delivered incredible stage performances, and they keep adding elements of surprise in each concert. But what truly makes their concert feel magical is the way ARMY receives and reciprocates their energy, sending back a big wave of excitement to BTS. This makes them want to perform even "crazier", which makes ARMY cheer even wilder, and the cycle goes on. The beautiful part is ARMYs around the world have their way of showing their love during the concert, and we asked some of our readers to share their experiences.

Mars, who attended a concert in Amsterdam, said that “The energy is incredible, they are amazing live and ARMYs cheer so loudly. It's fantastic!" Zeynep also attended the one in Amsterdam and agreed that “ARMYs were very loud and cheered a lot!” In addition, Annette attended a concert in Paris and told us that, “European fans tend to stomp their feet and chant ‘7 Nation Army’ (a song) by The White Stripes.” Very unique!

In Southeast Asia, the energy is also immaculate. Nabil shared her experience attending "The Wings Tour'' in Jakarta in 2017: “The fans were super cohesive and it made the energy 100 times stronger! One fan started crying, then the rest of us cried too. One fan started to change the lyrics, the rest quickly followed. One fan started dancing in the crowd, a group of ARMYs then created a dance circle. It was fun to see how organized we were, to think that most of us didn’t know each other!”

BTS’ "Love Yourself Tour" in Singapore and Bangkok also shared the same energy. Avi said that in Singapore, "ARMYs were so funny! Remember that during Euphoria, ARMY chanted 'annyeonghaseyo jeoneun Bangtan Sonyeondan hwanggeum maknae, Jeon Jungkookimnida (hello, I'm the Golden Maknae of BTS, Jeon Jungkook)'? Yeah, that habit started at the LY Tour in Singapore. People tried to sing the whole song, even created a new fanchant!"

Batul, who attended the concert in Bangkok, added, "They're so energetic. It's like a festival. You don't know people yet somehow you make friends with people of different nationalities, all because you're there for one band. It's honestly one of my favorite bits about attending a concert, the friends you make. And even during the concert, the way Bangtan gives us energy, you give it all back to them and you're just as tired as they are by the end of it. But it's worth it."

ARMYs in East Asia show their support in a different kind of way. Korean and Japanese ARMYs are the most organized; they respectfully chant when it's time to during a specific part of the song, creating a beautiful harmony with BTS. Avi also attended the "Speak Yourself The Final" in Seoul; she witnessed how "ARMYs were so quiet during The Truth Untold. I asked a K-ARMY beside me and she said K-ARMYs want to appreciate the beautiful vocalization from the vocal line, that's why they listen to them carefully and only chant at the end of the song. A lot of ARMYs around me also cried watching the performance. It was such a soothing experience for me. I got goosebumps."

In the past few years, BTS had many shows in the US. Stacy attended "PTD – LA" and said, "I attended Sowoozoo online and PTD – LA. Besides seeing the band live, being around the other ARMYs was also one of the highlights; meeting mutuals (from social media), seeing the sea of purple, the light wave, singing along together and crying at the exact same moment. It's more than just BTS. We share that with them too."

Lilia Avila added, "I think in a way the energy was similar, considering I’ve only seen online concerts before going to PTD – LA. But everyone was just really excited and people were really nice. It was a safe environment for ARMYs and people who just like their music." Darrin Goodwin agreed, saying how, "Everything was incredible! The concert itself and the energy that the boys brought was absolutely amazing and beautiful and when it's all over you meet new friends!"

Lastly, Lisa, a pre-debut fan who even attended "The Red Bullet Tour'' described how, "Every concert has a different vibe. There is a togetherness about a BTS concert. This feeling of everyone being there for the same reason. It's not just a concert. It's an EXPERIENCE. But Red Bullet is my absolute favorite because it was my first. Compared to stadiums, it was small and intimate."

From Asia to the US, from pre-debut fans to 2021 fans, we can all agree that the bond between BTS and ARMY is irreplaceable, as seen through their concerts. We hope all of you can attend a BTS concert soon, and we can't wait to meet you at the venue! Let's hype up the upcoming comeback on June 10 and soon, a new world tour! 보라해, 아미~

Written by: Avi

Edited by: Lisa

Designed by: Waf

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