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THE DYNAMITE WITH 7 SPARKS August 29-September 4

Welcome back ARMY, to yet another eventful week with BTS. We’re talking birthdays, charts, award ceremonies, selfies, and even song releases! Let’s get right into a day by day breakdown of everything that happened this week.

August 29

BTS started the week off strong with Dynamite charting #3 on the UK chart for the first time. Speaking of firsts, Dynamite also gained its first win on MBC’s Show! Music Core, the first song in English to win on a Korean music show. This was their 91st win of 2020 overall on music shows. On their Instagram story, @bts.bighitofficial uploaded pictures of the members practicing for their VMA performance. SUGA’s ‘Sing Dynamite with me’ video was released on BANGTANTV and BTS appeared in an interview with Ryan Seacrest where they shared the meaning of Dynamite and described the song in three words.

August 30

A more numerical day, as Dynamite got 975K+ sales on Netease and achieved its second win on SBS’s Inkigayo. The song also debuted at #1 on the global YouTube music video chart with 220M views and gained 60M+ streams on Spotify. RM and j-hope invaded Weverse with j-hope posting a selfie from when he was on set for the Dynamite MV, and RM commenting on various posts. BANGTANTV released Jungkook’s ‘Sing Dynamite with me’ video and Hyundai teased a snippet of IONIQ: I’m On It, a song made in collaboration with BTS.

August 31

A big day for BTS as they performed at the MTV VMAs for the first time. The boys were nominated for four awards; Best Group, Best Kpop, Best Pop, Best Choreography, and won in all of these categories. They performed Dynamite, uploading pictures and short clips of the members before and after the show on their Instagram story. SUGA and j-hope posted on Twitter, thanking ARMY for allowing them to win awards. It was later announced that BTS will perform at the Lotte Duty Free Family concert on September 27. On YouTube, BANGTANTV launched a trailer for the “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself in London” DVD which will be released on September 24. Hyundai released the full song IONIQ: I’m On It on their official YouTube channel.

September 1

Jungkook’s birthday was not overlooked as even Billboard made this day special by announcing that BTS’ Dynamite ranked #1 on Billboard Hot 100. This achievement is a big deal as BTS are the first Koreans to accomplish this, in fact this is such a big deal that the president of South Korea tweeted about this. In reaction to this prestigious accomplishment, the BTS members took to Twitter and Weverse to express their gratitude, still being in awe. Jimin told us that he was crying and couldn’t sleep until he felt this was real, SUGA spammed a bunch of crying emojis, and j-hope posted a TikTok with the caption “I love you ARMY”. To celebrate Jungkook’s birthday, Big Hit posted a series of photos of Jungkook throughout the year on Facebook. Jimin, j-hope, and Jin posted on Twitter pictures they took with Jungkook, wishing him a happy birthday. The boys then held an OT7 VLive in honor of winning 1st place on the BB chart and Jungkook’s birthday. After the live, they posted a chaotic video of them, RM posted a selfie and V posted pictures of him and a video of him annoying Jungkook in his sleep. On BTS’ official Instagram, numerous pictures of Jungkook were posted and their story was updated with another VMA rehearsal video.

September 2

Although a little late to the party, the birthday boy posted on Weverse the next day, informing ARMY that he had accidentally fallen asleep and that he was touched to see all the fan-projects set up for his birthday. He also talked about winning #1 on Billboard and how it was all because of ARMY. @BigHit Entertainmenton Twitter published a September promo schedule for Dynamite and BTS participated in an “Online Media Day” event where they discussed the success of Dynamite, reflected on their career, and spoke about what the next step for BTS is. Continuing their Dynamite promotion, BANGTANTV uploaded a dance practice as well as @BTS_official posting a group photo announcing the release of the video on Twitter. Hyundai also dropped the music video for IONIQ: I’m On It.

September 3

Got your cup of milk to rock and roll, ARMY? Jungkook certainly does, as he posted a picture of him holding a cup of milk on Twitter. On Instagram, BTS updated their story again but this time with behind-the-scenes footage of the Dynamite dance practice. Episode 3 of “In The SOOP” was put on Weverse, where the members enjoyed a rainy day of block building, songwriting and cooking. BANGTANTV dropped the official trailer for the “Break The Silence” movie which is set to release globally on September 24.

September 4

SUGA updated us on Twitter posting a link to stream Dynamite and saying he was practicing it on the guitar. BTS also performed at the Grammy Press Play event and BANGTANTV uploaded a surprise ‘Sing Dynamite with me’ video with ARMYs from all around the world featuring as guest stars.

That’s all for this week ARMY but we’ll be back soon. As always, we purple you and stream Dynamite!

Written by: Alice

Edited by: Lisa

Designed by: Ashley Dawn

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.

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