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The ABC’s of the Bangtan Universe Part 8

Hey there ARMY!

After quite a journey exploring the Bangtan Universe (BU), we have come to the end of it. Today we will finalize some of the terms that make the BU interesting and keeps everyone who encounters it entertained.

Before we begin, we would like to mention that the BU deals with topics that may be sensitive and/or possibly triggering for some readers. BU content is not associated with real events or the members of BTS beyond their real names and ages.


Webtoon- To expand on the universe, a webtoon titled “Save Me” was created. The webtoon goes over material that had been seen in “The Notes” and MVs, but it also expands while filling in new details of the BU. Through this, we confirm that Seokjin has time traveled a few times and there are instances in which he has died as well as the others. We see that each time Seokjin goes back to April 11 there is an effect of glass shattering to represent his ability. We also get to know each character a bit more and what motivates certain actions they make. The “Save Me” webtoon is a good way to explore each character and a different timeline of previous events.

White Cat- One of the most intriguing and mysterious characters of the BU is a white cat. The cat appears to Seokjin as he realizes he can time travel and is trying to understand what it all means. The cat of different colored eyes, one blue and the other green, only speaks a few words to Seokjin and leaves him the message “Find the map of the soul, then all this can end.” The cat makes an appearance in the “BTS Universe Story” game, the webtoon “Save Me”, and in the universe created for BTS' brother group Tomorrow X Together (TXT).

Wings- WINGS is the title of a BTS album, but it was also the era that expanded on the BU storyline. During the “WINGS” era we got short films in which the temptations and struggles of each character were introduced.

Wings are also significant to the BU as Taehyung is seen as a representation of a fallen angel or at least one that has lost his wings (we see this in the Blood Sweat and Tears MV). Wings can also represent the freedom that each character craves but can never seem to reach.


Youth/Young- It comes with no surprise that the word youth carries a lot of weight in the BU. The story centers around seven boys exploring their options and facing the challenges of growing up. A coming of age story with a twist, as Seokjin gets the chance to amend the mistakes he and his friends have made.

Yourself- This term is important because Seokjin realizes that most of the answers he was seeking would be answered by finding himself. To uncover the right path for each of the seven, they have to search within themselves and deal with their problems head-on (and together).

There is no X or Z as no terms could be found for these letters.

The BU expands to lengths that many of us can't even imagine at the moment. It might be set up to create various little worlds, all seemingly trying to explore a similar theme: Growing up.

Being young is a time in which a person can feel the freest and most restricted. Sometimes you're told one thing but shown another, and many are left on their own to navigate the complexities of growing up. The BU wants to show that you're not alone in that journey, though finding yourself is a solo job, it doesn't mean you walk alone.

There is no way of knowing when BTS' MVs or other content will touch on the BU again, but we do know that the story of the characters will continue to be told in the “Youth” drama series, and videogames. It is also believed by some ARMYs that there could be a second season of the “Save Me” webtoon at some point.

We are grateful that you took your time to venture into the BU, a world that explores the depths of youth and how our relationships make or break us. We were happy to break this world down with you, one word at a time. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to look at our previous blogs for this series (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7). Take care ARMY and until next time.

Written by: Lizette

Edited by: Lisa K

Designed by: Judy

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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