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The ABC’s of the Bangtan Universe Part 6

Hey there ARMY!

The Bangtan Universe (BU) will most likely be expanding, given the fact that comeback is near. So for this blog, we will continue perusing through more terms that make up this universe.

Before we begin, we would like to mention the BU deals with topics that might be sensitive and possibly triggering for some readers. BU content is not associated with real events or the members of BTS besides their names and ages.


Reflection- This is the title of Namjoon’s short film. In the video, Namjoon battles with his inner self and all the emotions he’s been feeling. The video depicts Namjoon tattooing a blackbird on his arm. Birds usually represent freedom and the same one can be seen in Jungkook’s video. The bird was given to Namjoon on a note which he burns and drinks the ashes of.

The bird is black meaning that this one doesn’t express freedom but the lack thereof, as death and tragedy consume them. As Namjoon becomes overwhelmed, different colors emanate from the bird on his arm and he awakens to his reality. Glass shattering connects him to Taehyung’s reality in which Namjoon misses Taehyung’s call from jail.

Namjoon’s reflection is his feelings about himself and his inability to help his friends when they need him. His reflection also tells him that they need to survive despite the darkness that has overtaken them all.

Reconciliation- For various parts of the story, and in the different timelines, the characters are constantly looking for reconciliation with each other. Throughout their personal struggles, their friendship becomes on and off, and there are times in which they seek each other out but do not know how to reconnect.

Rebellion- They all question and want to go against authority figures, mainly because the ones who were supposed to be theirs ended up failing them.

Responsibility- All of them need to learn that, intentional or not, their actions have consequences that can be dire. They need to take responsibility for their own choices while simultaneously understanding that they don’t have to carry the choices of others on their shoulders.

Role(s)- Roles are important in the BU - roles in society, and the role models they’re missing. They all lack the strong roles of a mother and father, which leads them to navigate the world confused about their place in society.


Smeraldo- A fictional flower in the BU which is closely connected to Seokjin. ‘The Smeraldo Blog’ introduced the legend of the flower and later revealed how it ties to the BU. Seokjin orders smeraldo as he wants to give them to a girl he met - shown in the “Highlight Reels”. She had specifically described the flower and he wanted to get them for her; when asked why, he said he wanted to be a good person.

Smeraldo roughly carries the meaning of “the truth untold”. This is important as there are many truths left unsaid within the universe. The flower seemingly represents Seokjin’s intentions to discover the truths within the path he has been set upon.

Stigma- This is the title of Taehyung’s short film. After killing his abusive father in defense, Taehyung would forever walk under the label “murderer”. The video shows him dealing with guilt, reaching for help, and trying to come to terms with what he did.

Taehyung tries to contact Namjoon for help but he doesn’t answer. We then see a white puppy which represents Taehyung’s innocence. A cage falls on top of them, and even though Taehyung tries to hold on to the puppy, it ends up leaving. This shows how he was stripped of his innocence after killing his father.

In the beginning of the video, Taehyung is seen scraping the word Abraxas, depicting his struggle of knowing whether he is good or evil. The video shows that he believes he is neither and feels trapped by his actions.

Seokjin- He is a character in the BU. Seokjin is at the center of the storyline, he has the ability to travel through time. It is known that Seokjin’s mother passed away and that he has a tough relationship with his father. He has a hard time standing up to his father and therefore is easily manipulated by his school principal into informing him about his friends.

Seokjin gives information on his friends on different occasions. He reveals the classroom they would spend time in, which ends up getting Yoongi expelled. Later, Seokjin leaves for school in the USA and the group begins to drift. When Seokjin comes back to Korea after two years, he finds out about the tragedies his friends had suffered through. He later realizes he keeps time traveling to the same date (April 11) and decides he needs to save his friends from tragic paths. As the story continues, he learns that only through the map of the soul will he find a way to save himself and help his friends.

That’s it for today! We hope you find these blogs helpful as you explore the expansive universe of Bangtan. Please check out our previous blogs on the BU (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5). See you next time and take care!

Written by: Lizette

Edited by: Alice

Designed by: Kaitlyn

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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