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The 2022 FACT Awards with our Forever Artist - BTS

ARMY made a collective and contented sigh on October 8 when BTS took to the stage as OT7 to both perform and accept several awards. The 2022 Fact Music Awards took place at the KSPO Dome (aka Seoul Olympic Stadium), marking the first time the award ceremony had occurred in front of a live audience in three years. It was wonderful to see BTS together, wasn’t it? We sure did miss them! Let’s recap the evening, shall we?

BTS, looking dapper in their tuxedos, won seven awards, which allowed each member to give an acceptance speech with a few extra touches from one another. For the Global Fan N Star award, RM gave the acceptance speech in mostly English apologizing with, “I’m sorry but since it’s a global award, I will speak in English.” He gave a “shout out to all the ARMYs out there. Asia, Africa, South and North America, Australia, Pacific, anywhere…” RM then continued, reminding ARMY how much BTS loves and misses us and thanked us for our continued love and support.

Introduced as “The eldest member of BTS and the globally recognized Worldwide Handsome,” Jin then accepted the Fan N Star Choice Award - Individual. ARMY laughed as the members carried him out on their shoulders, then quickly left him to enjoy the stage on his own. Jin expressed his disbelief in winning, saying, “There’s a lot of people who are popular…but I’ve come to receive an award like this,” to which ARMY began to chant his name. Jin thanked the fans, recognizing that this award was made “vote by vote, click by click,” before ending with a promise to continue his hard work and the cutest, “ARMY, I love you,” we have ever seen.

Next up was the Fan N Star Choice Award, accepted by j-hope and SUGA. j-hope reminded ARMY that as BTS receives awards, so do we. “We will make sure to show you, and prove that your choice was not a wrong choice,” j-hope said. SUGA was also quick to thank ARMYs who voted and to remind us that he loves us.

The Idol Plus Popularity Award was accepted by the maknae line. Jimin, looking a bit shy, said he’s still nervous to accept awards, even nine years after debut, but he continues to be very grateful to the ARMYs who help BTS feel what popularity is. Of course, he didn't know that Jin and V were making goofy faces during his speech. Plus, ARMY was treated to a beautiful moment as SUGA removed some strands of hair from Jimin’s eyes. Jimin went on to say BTS would work hard to become an even better team. V’s shyness kicked in when asked to speak, causing him to give a simple thank you, before doing a little spin and bowing. When also asked to say a few words, Jungkook confessed he changed his hair for this award before thanking everyone for cheering them on.

Accepted by V, RM, and Jin, the Most Voted Artist Award was called “more special than any other award,” by V, who made sure to tell ARMY they would continue working hard to become a cool artist. RM, confessing they know ARMY loses sleep to cast votes, was very appreciative of the love, while Jin said that BTS is grateful every time they receive an award.

Jungkook then accepted the Artist of the Year (Bonsang) award, thanking both ARMYs who were in attendance and those who weren’t. “It is thanks to you all that we were able to receive this valuable award,” he said. “Actually, we’re just seven people who gathered, who love music and [have] worked hard,” Jungkook continued. He then got serious for a moment, saying, “I don’t know if we’ll be able to get such a cool award or not like this next year, but I’ll be thankful if you remember this one thing: we’ll try to be your ‘Forever Artist,’ thank you!”

To round out their winnings, BTS received the Grand Prize/Daesang for the fifth year in a row. RM was the first to speak, giving love to the other artists in attendance. He went on to say BTS will “show everything that we're known to do well on October 15 in Busan – we've been practicing every day. So please look forward to it and once again, thank you so much." After this, each member said a bit more, thanking ARMY in their own way and reminding us to look forward to the concert in Busan.

We can’t wait to watch the concert and cheer on our Forever Artist, as BTS will always be. You are planning to watch too, aren’t you, ARMY? Perhaps we can watch it together! We will see you again when we recap the concert here on our ARMY Magazine blog. Borahae!

Written by: Marcie

Edited by: Lisa K

Designed by: Achan

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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