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Sweet Times in Taecember

Once again ARMY came together to celebrate the birthday of our dear V. He has a voice that takes us to new realms and soothes our souls. Our uniquely gifted artist. V has shared so much with us this year, and for his 26th birthday, ARMY wanted to make it as special as possible.

Let’s go through what the day had in store for our Winter Bear.

Bangtan's Snow Flower

Pictures are taken from @BTS_twt on Twitter from RM, Jimin, and j-hope

Jimin came on Twitter and shared a picture of V in glasses, with the caption, "My love. Happy Birthday, Bro." Not long after, RM and j-hope came to Twitter, and in true Bangtan nature, they both imitated Jimin’s post, writing the exact same message but using different pictures. j-hope tweeted twice and shared multiple pictures of V from his #HopeFilm, some recent and others were of their younger years. SUGA also came on Twitter and said, “since I’m in quarantine now I’m sending just my heart” and wished V a happy day. Jungkook and Jin posted on Twitter later in the day. Jungkook wrote happy birthday in a cute way and posted a picture, while Jin posted a picture he claimed V told him to use and wished him a happy birthday.

Being the sweet angel he is, j-hope also took to Instagram and posted on his stories twice, sharing a few more pictures with V. Over at Weverse, j-hope posted and showed his journey searching through his treasured pictures on a hard drive. RM closed it off by saying that since it's V’s birthday, it was the end of the year and thanked BTS and ARMY.

V officially closed his birthday by posting on Twitter and Weverse partly saying, ‘I’m just so thankful… you all worked hard this year… I love you.”

Vintage Love Feels

Layout from and credits to: @JINK997 and for font @95ZLUX on Twitter

ARMY Projects

ARMY never wastes time celebrating a member’s birthday. For V there was no shortage of good-natured wishes and hopes for his future. ARMY shared hashtags, Twitter layouts, and created projects all over the world to showcase their love and appreciation.

Some of the hashtags shared were #HAPPYVDAY, #WinterMiracleV, and #TaehyungandARMY_AreWalkingOnAFlowerPath. When you look them up on Twitter, you will mostly find happy birthday wishes for V, hoping his birthday and the rest of his life are filled with blessings and happiness. There were multiple layouts that ARMYs used to celebrate on Twitter, some of the themes relating to V’s love of photography and art.

A few fan projects were also created to honor the soulful singer. In Dubai, V had a birthday project on the Burj Khalifa for a second year (the only idol to do so). There were advertisements and billboards in places like Times Square in New York, Park street in Kolkata, India, and of course in Seoul.

V shared on his social media as he visited some projects made in his honor. He visited a mural that displayed walls for each of his songs. He also visited an inflatable chibi doll of himself and took pictures and videos. It was sweet of him to visit these projects and share them with us.

A Kind Soul

We all know V to be a kind person. He is detailed, takes care of the people he loves, and wishes nothing but the best for others. He is especially kind to ARMY, always making sure we know that he thinks about us and appreciates us. Following the steps of a kind heart, ARMY created a few charity projects to honor the birth of V.

One In An ARMY (OIAA) is well known to do charity projects, and for V's birthday, the non-profit Tetra Society was selected. According to OIAA social media, the Tetra Society "supports people with disabilities in finding solutions to environmental barriers, to faster independence, inclusion, and enhance the quality of life." They achieve this by having volunteers who collaborate with clients to design and build custom-made assistive devices that wouldn’t be available or easily accessible. The money raised helps deliver this program to those in need of it, and cover expenses of volunteer travel, and materials for devices. If you need more information or want to help, visit OIAA on Twitter.

There were many more charity projects that involved helping different causes like animals, food shelters, and music programs. Spreading love is all V and BTS are about and having ARMY dedicate themselves to good causes is heartwarming to see.

It was a day filled with love for V who is dedicated to his craft and to his fans, and we hope all his wishes come true.

Happy Birthday V, we purple you, and we hope you had a wonderful day!

Written by: Lizette

Edited by: Marcie

Designed by: ThornToHisRose

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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