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Suchwita Episodes 8-9

Note: Due to the nature of Suchwita, this blog mentions drinking and alcohol. Please take care while reading.

“Suchwita” welcomed some very special guests with a fun twist. In episode 8, SUGA had a conversation with members of his brother group Tomorrow X Together (TXT), Yeonjun and Taehyun. Then for episode 9, we saw SUGA become a guest on RM's “R-CHWITA.”

Ep 8. Yeonjun and Taehyun from TXT

SUGA enthusiastically introduced the equally excited guests, Yeonjun and Taehyun. Their drink of choice was a blended scotch whisky. SUGA congratulated the two on the success the group was having. TXT had just finished promotions for their album Temptation and hit #1 on Billboard 200. This is their 5th year of being active and SUGA wanted to acknowledge how impressive their achievements are for such a young group.

There has been an immense amount of pressure on TXT since their debut. SUGA pointed out how, because TXT is BTS’ younger brother group, they were surrounded by a mountain of assumptions, implying they didn’t struggle as much, which is far from the truth. The two young men trained for years and worked hard with the other members to get where they are today.

SUGA praised them for how they have triumphed over those expectations and are doing great for themselves. Taehyun mentioned how when people think about passion they think of fire, driving them to achieve their goal. But they don’t mention how cold and lonely the road can be.

SUGA adopted the voice of a mentor, understanding the emotions and challenges they were going through. Yeonjun mentioned that one day, out of curiosity, he asked SUGA why he was so good to them, to which SUGA replied with, "Who'd tell you these things if we don't?" They both thanked SUGA for giving that advice and looking out for them.

Yeonjun and Taehyun also spoke about how much they mean to each other as a support system and how much they value their members and their fans, MOA. With TXT holding high spots on Billboard as well as Korean music charts, SUGA understood why they were ambitious to go higher, but advised them to be patient and enjoy what they have. There’s no doubt TXT is destined for greatness, so there’s no need to rush for something that will come in due time.

SUGA then asked what is a future dream for TXT. Taehyun said that they really wanted to make BTS proud of them. It was such a sweet and special episode, displaying the strong, unwavering bond between the two groups.

Ep 9. R-CHWITA with Agust D

The episode began with the fervent energy of RM singing an intro. After settling in, RM introduced fourth-generation idol Agust D. SUGA came on the show as a guest to promote his new album D-Day released under his other name, Agust D. As for the show's tradition, he brought soju.

Both RM and SUGA fell right into the natural rhythm of mutual conversation. They seamlessly conversed with each other from topic to topic while enjoying their food and drinks. SUGA even requested for them not to speak too much of the past and focus on the now.

SUGA explained how Agust D stands for “D Town SUGA” backward. It first came up in a verse for BTS Cypher Pt. 3: Killer, in which he rapped the iconic line, "SUGA a.k.a Agust D.” SUGA said that Agust D was created not to separate himself, but to freely express himself. There were a lot of struggles he wanted to work through with music and because of that, Agust D's music appears more aggressive. SUGA separated his work into three parts: as prod. SUGA, SUGA, and Agust D.

RM asked SUGA if he plans to retire the name Agust D, to which he said that he is still debating it. He had a trilogy planned when it came to Agust D, releasing D-1, D-2, and D-Day. Upon completion, he doesn't quite know what comes next. He created People Pt. 2 ft. IU to show that Agust D and SUGA are the same. Even if he doesn’t use the Agust D name anymore, the raw emotion we get from SUGA will still remain.

As opposed to his previous two works, D-Day speaks more on the present. Although SUGA has fewer things to say, he expressed what was left in him to share. Presently, SUGA is focusing on the tour he has been planning for a long time. He embarked on this solo adventure not only for the love of it but to learn all he could through it.

SUGA’s grand focus is on music, ARMY, and BTS. He may not know what the future brings but he wishes to stay with BTS for a very long time, working hard and creating more memories.

The episode was filled with funny moments of playful bickering and in-depth convos that can come only from people who have known each other for 13 years. It was a lovely watch.

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Written by: Lizette

Edited by: Sanam

Designed by: Achan

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