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Suchwita Episodes 4-5

Note: Due to the nature of Suchwita, this blog mentions drinking and alcohol. Please take care while reading.

SUGA greeted more exciting guests on his latest episodes of “Suchwita.” Episode 4 had him officially meet Hoshi, a member of the popular group SEVENTEEN, while episode 5 was a meeting between old friends as he spoke to Epik High's Tablo. Both episodes had SUGA and his guests explore themes of friendship, career ambitions, self-discovery, and identity.

Ep 4. Hoshi of SEVENTEEN

SUGA’s guest for this episode was Hoshi, the leader of SEVENTEEN’s performance team. Hoshi came to the set with a thoughtful gift for our host, a pollack figurine, which deters negative energy. Hoshi introduced his drink of choice for his induction as a guest: whiskey.

SUGA started the conversation by addressing the virality of Hoshi’s dance challenge video of Run BTS. The dance challenge was hugely popular, and SUGA mentioned that j-hope liked to share all those videos in their group chat. He was grateful to everyone who participated in it. Hoshi was grateful for the compliments and spoke about how he always wanted to talk to SUGA but was too intimidated to do so. SUGA reassured him and wanted to form a good friendship with him.

They listened to Fighting, a song which Hoshi was promoting for the SEVENTEEN sub-unit BSS (including members DK, and Seungkwan). SUGA thought Hoshi, BSS, and SEVENTEEN had done an excellent job; he believed they are well-rounded and the best in Korea for such an upbeat genre. SUGA also said he knew SEVENTEEN would do well when they debuted because he saw how their eyes sparkled on stage.

Later in the show, SUGA expressed his openness to giving Hoshi some career advice as he has much to say to those younger than him. Hoshi brought up how he was scared about SEVENTEEN’s potential break in activities, who he is as an artist, as well as a person connected to the group. SUGA advised him to work on improving himself and, when the time comes, to unite again and become a stronger team.

Overall, their meeting was warm and light, and although their paths aren’t the same, they shared experiences that allowed them to connect as people in a chaotic industry.

Ep 5. Tablo of Epik High

SUGA’s next guest for episode 5 was introduced as the sentimental leader of Epik High and the artist who SUGA admired: Tablo.

SUGA started by saying how Tablo is his role model and how they have become good friends over time. Tablo first asked SUGA if he could sign his SUGA TinyTan figure, which a happy SUGA promptly signed. He introduced his drink of choice, which was an Irish Slammer. Already with a playful and comfortable atmosphere, they continued to talk as old friends.

SUGA mentioned Epik High’s 20th anniversary, which made Tablo initially feel apprehensive because he and his members felt old when they thought about it. Tablo decided to make music when he was 20 years old, and how facing his 20th anniversary with his group feels like a shock. SUGA mentioned he has been listening to them for 17 years and has always found comfort in their music, and to still have them active is special. Tablo gave his thanks and recalled how SUGA texts him when he feels a certain way while listening to his music. Tablo said that with his hectic life and raising his daughter, Haru, he realized he can be forgotten. It felt special for him to know that SUGA, among others, is still there, listening to his music and remembering him.

SUGA shared when he feels he won’t be able to write another song, he gains motivation from listening to Epik High’s music. SUGA’s music is highly influenced by Epik High, as he writes about his hopes and dreams, just like them. SUGA even said Epik High made BTS because that is how big their influence is on BTS’s music. Tablo emphasized how BTS was influencing others' dreams, and because of this, they will continue being a legacy.

They spoke more about music, including Epik High’s upcoming album, Strawberry. They listened to Catch ft. Hwasa, and SUGA expressed how Tablo is amazing at melodies. They also spoke about the times they worked together, such as when Tablo solely recommended SUGA to feature on Song Request with Lee Sora and how it didn’t take long to create Eternal Sunshine because they both worked so fast and could bounce ideas off each other.

The episode came to an empathetic end as SUGA asked Tablo if he had a dream as an individual. Tablo responded that, in the past, he could write many songs with the word “dream,” but now it was harder for him to think of something. He ended up saying his dream was for no one to go through the despair and hardship he endured.

There are many fun stories and heart-warming moments in each episode, so they are both worth a watch. Don’t miss out on the future episodes of “Suchwita!”

Written by: Lizette

Edited by: Cassie

Designed by: Martina

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