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Suchwita Episodes 15 and 16

Note: Due to the nature of Suchwita, this blog mentions drinking and alcohol. Please take care while reading.

Wondering what happened in episodes 15 and 16 of “Suchwita”? Read on to find out!

The episode starts off on an energetic note as SUGA welcomes BTS member Jungkook to promote his new single Seven (ft. Latto). As every guest is supposed to bring a drink of their choice, Jungkook takes out a bottle of Highball, and the duo proceeds to talk about the last time they had wine together.

While grilling the meat, Jungkook mentions how he practices intermittent fasting to get ready for his comeback. SUGA listens to Seven for the first time and the energy increases as Jungkook brilliantly performs the song’s choreography. When asked about solo promotions, Jungkook says that he wants to promote like a new debut artist. He had media promotions lined up in the UK and US starting with “Good Morning America”, where he would perform Seven, Dynamite, and Euphoria.

Jungkook talks about how he was proud to be a K-Idol and worked hard on show production in the US. Our Golden Maknae is always great at his work! Jungkook also reveals that after Seven, he plans to release another digital single and even a small mini album by November. We really are in for a treat!

The duo goes on to discuss the hard work BTS put in ever since they debuted and the influence both the rap and vocal teams have had on each other. SUGA also discusses the difficulties he faced while on a solo tour for his album D-Day and how tough it can be to perform alone. They continue to share words of reassurance and clink their glasses while reminiscing about past concerts. This is followed by more playful banter and ARMY is left screaming when Jungkook shows us his abs!

When asked about his personality, Jungkook likens himself to a sponge, absorbing qualities from each member. Jungkook also adds that if he had the chance, he would go back to elementary school and prepare himself for the fabulous future he would have. Towards the end of the episode, the energetic side of our maknae comes out again as he decides to sing songs on the karaoke machine. He sings Sung Si Kyung's The Road to Me, PSY's That That, and Agust D’s Daechwita. The episode concludes on a very cheerful note and we guarantee ARMY will sing along with Jungkook!

This episode kicks off on a friendly note as Hwang Min Hyun is welcomed on the “Suchwita” set to promote his new K-Drama, “My Lovely Liar”. Cracking open Min Hyun’s smooth and cool beer, they clink their glasses and proceed to talk about his singing career. When asked how it feels to be in the 12th year of his career, Min Hyun expresses how it still feels awkward to him, as if he has not been in the field for 12 years at all.

Continuing on, Min Hyun reveals how he was cast by PLEDIS on the streets of Busan when he was a student. Since both Min Hyun and SUGA are from districts outside Seoul, they picked up standard speech by watching the news. Looking back, Min Hyun adds how nervous and unprepared he felt on his debut stage performance.

While talking about how he felt when he released his first solo album, Min Hyun thought a lot about the public opinion of him so he ended up contemplating the kind of a person he was to direct the album’s theme and production. On the topic of his career as a soloist, Min Hyun answers that he generally listens to genres like modern rock and R&B, and wants to release an album that reflects his taste in music. Both of them then agree that it is the fans who brought them to where they are today and keep the artists alive. They hope to stay together with their fans for many more years to come.

Min Hyun sheds light on the arduous and long process of filming a television drama series. To get into his role, he prepares his lines in various tones and thinks about how a character would act in the given situation. He also mentions how he is an extremely neat person and how one would never find his home or surroundings messy.

When asked if he has a dream he would like to personally achieve as Hwang Min Hyun, he answers that he would like to travel abroad for a whole year. The episode ends with Min Hyun signing his autograph on the bottle as a memento.

That’s it on “Suchwita” for this week. Stay tuned to enjoy more blogs very soon!

Written by: Pluto

Edited by: Ren

Designed by: Waf

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