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Suchwita: Episodes 13-14

Note: Due to the nature of Suchwita, this blog mentions drinking and alcohol. Please take care while reading.

Summer may be coming to an end in the northern hemisphere but Suchwita’s drinks still keep on pouring! The next episodes of “Suchwita” continue on with guest stars Cho Se Ho and j-hope. Let’s see what our host SUGA has in store for his upcoming guests.

Ep. 13

On this episode, SUGA greeted comedian Cho Se Ho to his Suchwita domain. Se Ho brought gifts for his visit: a Terra Somaek Tower, which makes a soju and beer cocktail, and a new beer created by HiteJinro called “Kelly,” which is a combination of Terra beer and Jinro soju. He also brought brass shot glasses engraved with SUGA’S name on them.

The conversation started with Se Ho discussing changing his mindset as he was getting older to become healthier mentally and physically. He started a diet regimen, worked to become a morning person, and tried to read more. Se Ho and SUGA then revealed that they became friends through Ahn Youngmin, a famous songwriter who wrote a ballad for Se Ho inspired by his past breakup.

Moving on to Se Ho himself, he briefly discussed his career path to becoming a successful comedian. He said that he questioned whether or not he was worthy of the title when he was a rookie and became jealous of others, but he worked to overcome that jealousy and show sincerity to people which would then be reflected in his hard work.

He also wore a lot of expensive clothes that he treated as “armor” in order to fit in, but at the end of the day, it didn’t make him happy. Even so, he loves fashion and enjoys being able to wear clothes that he prefers and has even started his own clothing brand. Se Ho also gave thanks to his sunbae Nam Heesuk as well as Yoo Jaesuk who were in his corner cheering him on throughout his career. SUGA agreed in wanting to pay it forward to his younger colleagues, giving them the guidance and support that they have as veteran entertainers so that the younger generations can flourish in their own right.

During the Time Machine portion of the episode, Se Ho chose to go back to the past to be someone for his former self to rest their head on. SUGA then asked Se Ho what his dream was and he admitted that his dream was to be remembered as someone who was funny.

Ep. 14

On this episode, SUGA was joined by BTS’ choreography team leader, j-hope, who brought Soonhari Lemon Gin as his drink of choice. SUGA started by asking about j-hope’s documentary that had come out in February. j-hope described the documentary as the year in his life when he was producing his recent album, Jack In The Box. The entire process felt rushed to the meticulous dancer, but it also gave him a boost of adrenaline to end his promotions with a bang, which led to him speaking about headlining the 2022 Lollapalooza Music Festival held annually in Chicago. j-hope didn’t expect to be a headliner, but once it was announced, he felt both excited about the opportunity for growth and pressured to do an amazing job. Both rappers reflected on the amazing sight of ARMY lightsticks that lit up that night.

SUGA and j-hope then discussed the post-discharge plan for j-hope. While he had originally planned to release his album as a mixtape, that changed after knowing that SUGA and Jimin would be releasing full albums. j-hope explained that he changed his mind and wanted to create a physical album that fans would enjoy. j-hope had also been dabbling in video editing and wanted to shed more light on his roots of street dancing. He revealed that a new documentary about dancing and the global dance community will be released in 2024.

Moving onto the next topic, j-hope reminisced about how fate brought him to dance at the talent show during a school field trip. After the explosive reaction he received from being onstage, he decided to begin dancing in earnest. This led the conversation to how j-hope had eventually become the lead dancer for BTS, working hard to make sure the group became strong dancers. Both j-hope and his members were appreciative of each other, praising one another for teaching and receiving instructions well.

Once they reached the Time Capsule portion, j-hope revealed that he would like to travel to the past and feel the emotions he felt in 2019 onstage with his members, especially as he was about to enlist soon. Both SUGA and j-hope await the time when they will be able to reunite with all their members and perform as a group once again. Lastly, when asked about his wish, j-hope said he wants to continue being an artist for a long time.

Stay tuned for our next blog! Borahae, ARMY!

Written by: Rei

Edited by: Marcie

Designed by: Achan

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