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Suchwita Episodes 10 - 11

Note: Due to the nature of Suchwita, this blog mentions drinking and alcohol. Please take care while reading.

Who do we have on the episodes of ”Suchwita” today? Let’s get into it!

The guest on “Suchwita” this time was none other than SUGA’s doppelganger, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi! Instead of an alcoholic beverage, Woozi brings iced black tea, one that he loves to drink. The episode starts with Woozi being introduced by SUGA as someone who he was curious to interact with.

The duo then proceed to talk about Woozi’s identity as a member of SEVENTEEN, as well as being a producer and composer for his group. Woozi mentions how SEVENTEEN’s new mini album FML has not one, but two title tracks. Both of them nod along while listening to Super and F*ck My Life. When asked about promotions, Woozi talks about going on music shows and having video call fan sign events. Also, SEVENTEEN already has another comeback lined up for the year. Woozi explains how he joined his company PLEDIS as a producer just like SUGA and how he had to prove himself immensely and work hard to be a part of SEVENTEEN. They explore the struggles of receiving feedback and working with everyone to move forward with a song.

When asked what SEVENTEEN’s charm is, Woozi says that even though the group has so many members, each with their own idea of what good music is, they don’t fail to maintain their color. Woozi feels the pressure when writing new songs but he believes in his members as he writes. He also talks about the difficulties he faces having the title of ‘producer.’ Woozi reveals that his journey as a producer started when Wonwoo’s father gifted him a laptop that had fairly basic music production software. Wonwoo would let Woozi borrow the laptop often, which he would use for producing music.

Woozi continues to talk about how the rest of the group got engrossed in the production front of the music and how after a few years, Woozi’s work was noticed by the company’s CEO who then asked him to produce one song per week. Hence began the journey of SEVENTEEN as an essentially self-producing group.

As the episode approaches the end, Woozi says his big dream is that the present with SEVENTEEN and CARAT will last a long time. He signs his autograph on the tea bottle and the episode ends on a sweet note.

An actress with a charming smile and a gentle and unique look, Lee Nayoung is the show's first female guest. She brings homemade infused liquor along with snack bar foods like soft tofu Jjolmyeon and fried sundae.

She talks about how a friend of hers is an ARMY and is fascinated by how BTS manages to move people from all walks of life regardless of age. The duo then talk about Lee Nayoung’s new drama, “Park Hakyung’s Travels (One Day Off)”, which released on May 24. Since the drama focuses mainly on the main character’s travels around South Korea, Lee Nayoung and SUGA end up talking about traveling and people in general. She mentions how the character ended up matching her personality, so she felt comfortable during shooting.

When asked about which spot she liked the most while traveling, Lee Nayoung remembered the places where nature was nice. She wanted to go to a place where she could just sit and do nothing, so she ended up going to Cuba with her friend. While the two speak about their concerns, SUGA recalls how the creative process of making his latest album, D-DAY, made him cry a lot and that worried the people around him, especially his parents. Lee Nayoung shares words of comfort saying how that is one of the methods to heal oneself.

Lee Nayoung then talks about her personality as someone who prefers comfort. She likes wearing her tracksuit and putting on her cap instead of wearing sunglasses like a celebrity. When asked about which character she was most immersed in while working, she reveals that her character in “Please Teach Me English” was her favorite work. SUGA then goes on to mention how people in their 30s would love Lee Nayoung’s work in “Ruler of Your Own World” while people in their 20s would love her in “Romance is a Bonus Book.”

When SUGA asked her about what time she would like to go to, Lee Nayoung answered that she would like to go to a time in the future when everyone can go to space. She wonders what it would be like to see Earth from there. She would also like to go to the past when she was in high school and had a dog named Seulbi.

While approaching the end of the episode, they realize they both have many similarities and could relate to each other a lot. As they have their last drink, Lee Nayoung signs her autograph on the alcohol bottle.

Stay tuned for our blog on a very special episode of “Suchwita!”

Written by: Pluto

Edited by: Lisa K

Designed by: ThornToHisRose

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