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Suchwita Ep 12: A FESTA Special

Note: Due to the nature of Suchwita, this blog mentions drinking and alcohol. Please take care while reading.

Last December, the beloved eldest member of BTS entered the South Korean military and began his military service. His departure left fans, and even his band members, heartbroken. However, Jin recorded lots of content beforehand to keep ARMY busy in the meantime. One such event was when he guest-starred on SUGA’s currently running “Suchwita,” a series in which he interviews a Korean celebrity while enjoying side dishes and (usually) an alcoholic beverage of the guest’s choosing.

This recent episode happened to coincide with BTS’ 10th anniversary celebration. In the previous years when the members were all together, they would hold an event called FESTA for their fans, which has grown with each passing year. This year, they celebrated the occasion with smaller gestures to show their love and appreciation for their fanbase. Jin and SUGA pre-recorded this episode and released it at a time when ARMY would need comfort from missing their eldest BTS member.

The episode started off with SUGA asking Jin how he was doing and what he was up to. Jin replied that he had been playing lots of games and visiting his family before he had to enlist. SUGA revealed that Jin was the most difficult to get on his show as he was four days from his enlistment date, but the rapper was persistent. For his beverage of choice, Jin brought along Sahaehyeongje, a distilled alcohol that he made and was excited to share with SUGA, as the name suggested that “everyone who tasted it would become friends.” He also brought along two other alcoholic beverages: a stronger, less watered-down version of makgeolli and gamhongno, a traditional Korean medicinal soju that Jin had made.

Once the drinks were poured and the food was served, they began talking about their personal struggles and how they helped each other using their areas of expertise, Jin being the older brother for the members and SUGA being an accomplished producer and rapper. Meanwhile, a suspicious photographer moved in front of the cameraman’s shot and finally caught SUGA’s peripheral view; the photographer turned out to be j-hope! He was able to make a surprise appearance on the show and joined the duo on their brotherly chat.

SUGA picked up the conversation with Jin about his promotion for his latest single, The Astronaut, and his commitment of flying 72 hours to Argentina and back to perform one song. Jin concluded it was an amazing experience to share with his fans. They then compared the feeling of performing solo versus with their members. Their comfort level when singing alongside the members was deeply felt when they had to walk out on stage by themselves or as guests for other bands.

The topic moved on to their past achievements and how Jin knew what he needed to say during the 2018 MAMA Awards. Jin wanted to shed light on the actual blood, sweat, and tears the members had gone through in 2018; to stand on that stage and speak in a way that felt raw to the audience but painfully emotional to the boys.

Looking back on their 10 years, the trio realized the success of the group didn’t rely on one member but on the group as a whole. If they weren’t the worldwide famous band they are now, Jin expected he would have stayed home playing video games while j-hope and SUGA would probably have continued in the music and dance industries. SUGA was still in awe of the fact that BTS was created from seven boys who had never sung together and who all had different interests. After that, j-hope had to leave for his next schedule.

The topic then shifted to Jin and SUGA as former roommates. The duo made the best of their living arrangements, and though they had different personalities and lifestyles, they didn’t step on each others’ toes or cross their boundaries, physically or mentally. SUGA also assured Jin of his irreplaceable role as a vocalist in the group, adding to BTS’ range.

At last, they reached the Time Machine Talk segment. Both Jin and SUGA would rather know about their future than their past, but for opposite reasons. But at the core, they hoped the members would still be the same as they are now. SUGA’s last question to Jin was, “What dream would you like to achieve?”, to which Jin replied he has already achieved happiness and wishes to stay happy 10 years from now.

Thanks to this extra special episode of “Suchwita”, the hearts of ARMYs around the world have been comforted by Jin’s and j-hope’s presence. While the days may seem longer than usual, we look forward to seeing our worldwide handsome and sunshine laughing and smiling again soon.

Written by: Rei

Edited by: Sanam

Designed by: ThornToHisRose

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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