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Suchwita Ep 1-3

Living in the world as an ARMY has been nothing short of continuous surprises and turns, and SUGA’s recent series is no different. The lead rapper and producer of BTS recently released a YouTube series in which he asks famous idols and peers to sit and have a drink with him. The entrance fee onto the show is to present their drink of choice to share.

Ep 1. RM

In the first episode, SUGA is joined by the leader of BTS, 13-year friend Kim Namjoon (aka RM). His drinks of choice are a traditional Korean alcohol and a Taiwanese whiskey with some joraengi tteok (or rice cakes) as a snack. As they nervously fill each other’s cups, they recall how it’s the first time in a long while they have drunk together. They discuss RM’s upcoming solo album release and RM speaks about his first official solo album, even though both he and SUGA have been in the music industry for 15 years. They discuss the nuances of composing and producing a song and how listening to new music can achieve the specific effect intended by an artist.

As the next side dishes are brought out, RM contemplates his mono. mixtape. At the time, he began to wear less black and white, which was the color scheme of his wardrobe, and added more colors, such as indigo, into his clothes to reflect his own growth in life. In the end, RM decided to create an album that was more meaningful to him as an artist rather than as a content creator merely for high chart rankings.

RM and SUGA then talk about the beginnings of their music career. RM was drawn into rap music around 2013 and received a secondhand microphone from his mom for his creative pursuits. Finally, when asked to think about two dates, February 25, 2020, and a day in 2025, they spoke about each in a bittersweet manner. Though the past brought upon a grief they have since reconciled with, the future remains unknown and thus may bring many surprises that are fun to speculate in the moment.

Ep 2. Shin Dong Yeob

In the next episode, SUGA shows up in a new setting and is joined by Shin Dong Yeob, a comedian and television show host, who brings some white wine to share. They start their conversation by sharing knowledge of alcohols as well as fond memories they have of drinking with friends or family. They then discuss their respective careers, starting with Shin Dong Yeob’s extensive career as a talk show host. SUGA considers him an “all-rounder”, as he is often comfortable being a teaser during the show and being teased.

At one point, SUGA asks Shin Dong Yeob how he was able to endure staying a comedian, as it’s normal to have doubts about one's path. Shin Dong Yeob reminded SUGA that he is on his path because of his talents and the connections along the way that allowed him to flourish. At the same time, they must accept change, regardless of where the path may take them. Shin Dong Yeob hopes that SUGA and his music will one day act as a time machine for his long-standing fans from when they first listened to his music during their childhood.

Towards the end of their segment, SUGA asks Shin Dong Yeob what he thinks 90-year-old Shin Dong Yeob would say to present Shin Dong Yeob. He cheerfully replies, “Drink less, exercise more!” He gives advice to SUGA to always apologize regardless of age, and when asked what his personal wish is, he says to continue to drink and work as a trusted comedian.

Ep 3. Taeyang

In this episode, SUGA is visited by Taeyang of Big Bang, who brings along sikhye and sujeonggwa, which are traditional Korean non-alcoholic beverages. SUGA starts by gushing about BTS’ love for the senior group and how they looked up to them in the music industry. They discuss Taeyang’s new single Vibe, featuring Jimin. Taeyang recalls all the hard work Jimin put into the single, which showed Jimin’s dedication for the song and passion for working with his idol.

They then explore Taeyang’s musical career, how he grew with his own music and gained more confidence with what he was releasing, which he saw 10 years into his career. He relays his thoughts to SUGA, who is also going through a similar process. As BTS move on to the next chapter and pursue solo endeavors, SUGA asks for advice on navigating the waters as a single person rather than as a group. At first, Taeyang doesn’t know how to answer, but he relates SUGA’s question with his own path. Everything he has done was for Big Bang, so knowing that helped him do his best for his members and because of his members. He also advises SUGA to surround himself with good people who will help him grow, even if their opinions differ.

If you haven’t watched “Suchwita”, do it. You won’t be disappointed!

Written by: Rei

Edited by: Sanam

Designed by: Achan

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