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Subunits Pt. 2 Burn the Stage with the Units

Welcome to another episode of BTS subunits!

We have talked about various BTS subunits, from K-drama OSTs to collaborations with Western artists. But, there are more to discuss. In this blog, we will be focusing on the subunits from the last two albums: MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 and BE. Each subunit consists of all kinds of combinations, it’s difficult to pick our favorite since they all deliver astounding performances. Now, let’s dig deeper and learn about their stories!

Jamais Vu by Jin, j-hope & Jungkook

Jamais Vu is an emotional, tranquil ballad sung by Jin and Jungkook with some soft rap from j-hope, who decided to call their unit “JanJanKook”. From lyrics to how they carry the song, many listeners agree that the overall theme is heart-rending. The title is taken after a French phrase, “jamais vu” which means “never seen”. This psychological phenomenon occurs when someone experiences a sense of unfamiliarity while doing something that they regularly do. Simply put, it’s an opposite of the term “déjà vu”. Although there might be different understandings about the lyrics, what we comprehend is that the main character of the song feels like their relationship is going downhill . As they look into their partner’s eyes─just like they usually do─they see an unfamiliar feeling, as if they don’t know each other anymore. Doesn’t that just make you want to cry? *grabs tissue and weeps aggressively*.

Friends by Jimin & V

Jimin and V, “The 95s”, are known for their incredible friendship, and seeing them bicker but hugging each other at the end is one of our favorite things. To celebrate their friendship, they partnered up on MOTS : 7 and wrote a beautiful song called Friends. With playful tunes and a perfect combination of Jimin’s high notes and V’s soulful voice, it contains a lot of inside jokes and anecdotes reminiscing their old days. The most famous (and hilarious) incident from the song must be the dumpling fight, which they couldn’t stop talking about. It also includes heartwarming stories like the dreamcatcher that Jimin bought for V because he kept having bad dreams and when they ran to catch the bus after school. What a pure friendship!

Respect by RM & SUGA

As the first two members of BTS, RM and SUGA have a similar background. Both were already underground rappers with a reputation before joining Big Hit, and both are extremely clever with wordplay. So when they teamed up and produced a song together for MOTS : 7, it was expected to have a deep meaning and maybe, a bit of satire about current social issues. This song, however, is a transcript of RM and SUGA’s conversation a few years ago. They discussed the meaning of respect, how one takes it too lightly to the point it’s starting to lose its meaning. Despite its heavy meaning, RM and SUGA perform Respect with a rather laid back attitude, making it sound like a real dialogue. In a BANGTAN BOMB, SUGA explained the reason behind it was because he thought the rest of the tracks from the album already sound too serious, and he wanted to present the brighter (and cheekier) side of BTS through this song. Well, they succeeded!

Fly To My Room by SUGA, j-hope, Jimin & V

Coming from their most recent album, BE, 내 방을 여행하는 법 (Fly To My Room) is perfect for de-stressing from this long time of lockdown and social distancing. The quartet precisely captured our complicated feelings towards our room after being trapped in it for almost a year. The place used to be a shelter where we laid down after a long day and where we stored our dreams, but now we can’t help but feel stuck. As much as we want to go out, we know that it is necessary to stay in our rooms so it’s best to make peace with the situation because after all, it is our safest place.

Stay by RM, Jin & Jungkook

The seventh track from BE, Stay, is a funky EDM song with an emotional meaning. Beautifully performed by Jin, Jungkook, and RM, this song will not fail to get you up off your seat to dance. But it’s not BTS if it doesn’t have a heartwarming story behind it. Just like the rest of the tracks from the album, Stay is inspired by the pandemic. Being temporarily banned from seeing each other face to face is something that BTS and ARMY almost couldn’t handle, but the triplet reminds us that even though we are far apart physically, we will always be together by heart. Jin’s high notes and Jungkook’s falsetto feel exceptionally warm, accompanied by RM’s powerful rap. Can’t wait to hear it live!

So, which other subunits do you wish to see in the future, ARMY? Let us know by hitting us up on our social media, and don’t forget to check out our Subunit Pt. 1 blog. Purple you!

Written by: Avi

Edited by: Alice

Designed by: Leslie

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