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Smooth Like Butter: BTS’s Awards and Performances

When BTS said “I'm diamond, I glow up,” they meant it. The past few months have been busy for both the boys and ARMY. BTS continues to fill their bag, proving why they’re the BIGGEST act in the world. Let’s take a look at their new achievements.

BRIT Awards

On March 31, ARMY woke up to the news that BTS had been nominated for a BRIT Award in the International Group category, making them the first Korean act ever to receive a nomination at the prestigious British ceremony. Messages of congratulations flooded Twitter as ARMY's joy and delight in what the boys had accomplished spilled out in explosive excitement. The award ultimately went to another group. However, this did not diminish ARMY's pride.

iHeart Music Awards

The feeling of happiness did not end there. On April 27, iHeart announced nominations for their 2021 iHeart Music Awards. Once again, BTS was up for four awards in the categories of Best Duo/Group of the Year, Best Music Video, Best Fan ARMY, and Favorite Music Video Choreography for Dynamite. The boys faced stiff competition as they stood head-to-head with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

ARMY gave their all while voting for the boys, tweeting the iHeart hashtags, and encouraging each other with funny posts and words of inspiration. There is a sense of community, of oneness, that occurs when ARMYs from all over the world come together to support BTS. There are no words to adequately describe the feeling of knowing that you are a part of BTS’s team, that you, along with millions of others, work in harmony to support them.

The iHeart Music Awards ceremony took place on May 27. BTS and their team added three more trophies to their HYBE Museum wall, taking home the top prize for Best Music Video, Best Fan ARMY, and Favorite Music Video Choreography for Dynamite. In their acceptance speech via video from South Korea, RM continued BTS’s long-held tradition of thanking ARMY for giving them another award, stating, “We couldn’t have done it without you, guys [ARMY].” RM also congratulated choreographer and friend Son Sungdeuk for winning in the Favorite Music Video Choreography category. The night was filled with ARMY’s posts of cheers and joy. Seeing BTS win is ARMY’s greatest happiness.

Billboard Music Awards

As if it was not enough, on April 29, ARMY was thrilled to hear that BTS was nominated for four awards at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards. A sense of satisfaction spread among the fandom knowing all the hard work BTS has put in over the years was beginning to bear fruit. The boys were nominated for Best Duo/Group, which they won in 2018, as well as Top Social Artist, a title they’ve held for four years. Adding to their nominations were two new categories, Top Songs Sale Artist, and Top Selling Song for the 2020 smash track Dynamite.

The BBMAs aired on May 23, and to the jubilation of ARMY, BTS swept all four awards. In his acceptance speech, RM said, “We wanted to share some fresh energy with everyone through Dynamite, and we think this award is proof that we achieved that goal.” Jin followed up with, “Thank you for loving our music and thank you for all the awards we won tonight,” melting ARMY’s heart with his perfect English.

However, the highlight of the evening was BTS’s much anticipated live world premiere of their new English single, Butter. It’s been said many times over, but it bears repeating, if you give BTS a stage, they will own it. Jungkook opened the performance walking into a dressing room to get ready, before strutting to the stage where the other members were waiting -- with such swag you could almost hear ARMY collectively holding their breaths in awe. When the first beat dropped and Jungkook belted out, “Smooth like butter,” the world was sucked into BTS’s charisma. Every move was smooth like butter, and every pitch-perfect note reminded us that BTS are not mere singers. They are all-around performers who command any space they inhabit. In a word, their performance was mesmerizing.

With the release of Butter, the seven members of the biggest band in the world and the apple of ARMY’s eyes are poised to continue their world domination as they spread their message of hope to the world.

Written by: Lisa

Edited by: Lisa K

Designed by: Rei

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