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The month of February is quite significant to almost everyone. For some, it is the month of love and longing. For others, it is the month of artistic passion. For ARMY, it is important for an entirely different reason. As the grey clouds of winter slowly ebb away to reveal the tender sun rays of spring, we prepare to celebrate the birthday of our very own sunshine, Jung Hoseok. He is known to the world for his mind blowing rapping skills, exquisite dancing and of course, his famous catchphrase, "You’re my hope, I'm your hope, I’m j-hope!" Within the fandom, he is known for his kind and bright personality that always puts a smile on our faces whenever we feel low. On 18 February 2021, ARMYs from all over the globe united yet again to celebrate his 27th (international) birthday.

Our Remedy

On February 17, just thirty minutes before the clock struck midnight in South Korea, j-hope started a broadcast on VLive to spend the final moments ticking up to his birthday with ARMYs. This particular broadcast was quite eventful. As soon as he started the broadcast, the app crashed because of the huge number of viewers who tuned in to wish him a happy birthday. The saga didn't end here. After the app crashed, j-hope started a fresh broadcast simultaneously on both YouTube and Weverse. Eventually these platforms crashed, too. Fortunately, before YouTube crashed, we got to witness j-hope giving us a tour of his studio, cutting his birthday cake and singing himself a birthday song! He also gave us updates regarding SUGA’s health and his dog, Mickey.

Happy Birthday Hobi!

The birthday wishes from the boys on Twitter were initiated by RM when he posted two pictures of himself alongside Hobi, captioning it with, "Hobi Hobi Jhobi happy bday." SUGA followed with a simple yet adorable message for j-hope that read, "Hobi Hobi!! Happy happy bday!!" Jin, being the jovial person he is, wished the birthday boy a great day with a handwritten note that read, "Hey, j-hope, happy birthday to you."

The real fun started once the maknae line began to work together to wish their Hobi hyung a happy birthday. The chain of hilarious acrostic poems for j-hope was started by Jimin, who was later joined by V and Jungkook. ARMYs had fun watching them wish their hyung happy birthday in such a creative and fun way. Jungkook also posted his self-drawn portrait of Hoseok - which was nothing less than a masterpiece!

Our Hope

Inspired by j-hope's affectionate and selfless disposition, ARMYs from all over the world organized numerous charity projects in his name.

To feature a few out of many such projects, over in Europe, @BTSSwissARMY raised funds and donated the money to a hospital in Brazil that treats numerous cancer patients at no cost. Besides these projects, ARMYs also organized blood donation camps, fundraised to help children in need, and made arrangements for necessary commodities to reach victims of natural calamities.

Keeping in mind the importance of mental health among today's youth, @BTS_TANZANIA collaborated with @OneInAnARMY to create the "OIAA Birthday Flash Campaign." Hosted by @Tewwywisdom, an organization that promotes mental and psychological health, this campaign will have seminars that will promote intergenerational exchange of wisdom.

Let's Light It Up Like Dynamite!

The strength and uniqueness of our fandom lies in the fact that despite geographical and linguistic barriers, we are still tied together by music and love. To celebrate this special day, a plethora of other events were organized by ARMYs; some of them making it to the headlines of major news channels! Unity is definitely a power!

Creating something new to celebrate the member's birthdays, @DdaengLifeUnite introduced a unique dance contest named #JustDanceForJhope. Inspired by "Hope On The Street", the contest requested participants to post a clip of their own choreography, the winning prize being a BTS Album of their choice. Amazing, right, ARMY?

To sum it all up, j-hope's birthday celebrations were quite exuberant. Both online and offline, ARMYs celebrated together. Through different charity projects, they showed everyone a lively, philanthropic celebration. After all, the most important feature of a celebration is putting a smile on people’s faces!

Written By: Esha

Edited by: sno

Designed by: rei

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