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Shining, Dreaming, and Smiling in Our 소우주: 8 Years Together, 8 Years Forever

Eight years.

In many beliefs, the number 8 is considered the symbol of luck, prosperity, success, and high social status. Is it a coincidence that BTS achieved many prestigious milestones during their eighth year together?

As their career progresses, the beautiful flowers that they planted together long ago are finally blooming. So, BTS humbly thanked ARMY for believing in them during all this time through this year’s FESTA celebrations, concluding with Muster.

Our journey to Muster began on May 22 when BTS dropped an announcement on Weverse, Twitter, and YouTube, unveiling “BTS 2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO” to occur on June 13 and 14. Additionally, it was announced that the setlists between the two days would be different, with June 14 featuring songs for international ARMYs as the “World Tour Version.”

Muster has always been incredible for ARMY, since BTS performs songs that haven’t been done anywhere else: Tony Montana in the 3rd Muster, Pied Piper in the 4th Muster, and Ddaeng in the 5th Muster, to name a few. So, what would they present this year?

Following the Muster’s reveal, online fan events were announced along the way. ARMY with tickets for the concert(s) were invited to enter a raffle to be shown through the LED screens onsite (“ARMY on Air”) or to send their pre-recorded fanchant to be sound engineered for performances (“ARMY IN ECHO”). Lastly, on June 1 and 2, HYBE Merch and Weverse Shop announced the release of a “BTS 2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO” merchandise line, including pajamas, mini photocard sets, t-shirts, bags, keyrings, photo stands, and much more.

Finally, the long awaited June 13 arrived, and ARMY were on the edge of their seats. Built in an outdoor area of the Jamsil Olympic Stadium, the stage was as magnificent as usual, shaped like an infinity sign―signifying the infinite connection between BTS and ARMY (which can also be seen as a horizontal number 8)―and many planets hanging as decoration. It made us feel like we were indeed in our own mini galaxy.

BTS arrived on stage in a carriage, soothingly singing Life Goes On while greeting ARMY. The fanchants, though pre-recorded, sent shivers down our spine, as it reminded us of a normal concert experience. Afterwards, BTS smoothly transitioned to perform Butter and Dynamite - Tropical Remix. Jungkook took the fandom by storm while performing in a short sleeve shirt, proudly showcasing his tattoos. RM, Jimin, and SUGA also caused a major heart attack because of their new hair colors, while j-hope, V, and Jin stole our hearts with their fresh faces. After “ARMY Signals”―a segment where BTS took a look at ARMY’s activities on social media ―day 1 of the concert continued with Moving On, Stay, and Fly To My Room, while day 2 continued with Film Out, Stay, and Fly To My Room.

Daechwita (BTS version) on day 1, originally performed by Agust D, and Chicken Noodle Soup (BTS version) on day 2, originally performed by j-hope, were definitely the highlights of this two-day Muster. Both songs reached an undeniably immense global success on their own, so seeing BTS collectively sprinkle their “essence” on them made it an amusing spectacle. IDOL, Telepathy, Dis-ease, Fire, So What, Not Today, Wishing On A Star (Korean ver.), A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone, and Mikrokosmos then completed each setlist, wrapping up 2021 Muster beautifully.

As a result, approximately 1.3 million viewers from 195 countries tuned in, and HYBE earned at least 80 billion KRW (about $71.6 million USD).

However, “BTS 2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO” was still far from what we wanted it to be: an attendable concert. No advanced technology can replicate the feeling of seeing their faces, hearing their voices, and feeling their presences in real life within a concert venue. But as Jimin said, it was such a progress to see ARMYs’ faces on screen, hearing the pre-recorded fanchants, and holding Muster in an outdoor stage, which can be watched from ARMY all over the world.

BTS promised this would not be their last Muster for ARMY, and ARMY promised to stay by BTS’ side for a long time. For ARMYs who joined the fandom during FESTA, welcome to the family! Always remember a beautiful quote by Min Yoongi:

“Don’t feel regretful that you weren’t there since our debut; every moment feels just like when we first debuted. The day when you first met us, is the day we debuted (for you).”

See you on the next Muster and FESTA, ARMY! 보라해~

Written by: Avi

Edited by: sno

Designed by: Rei

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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