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Seven by Jungkook (feat. Latto) and the Anatomy of an Organic Viral Hit

Since BTS embarked on Chapter Two of their journey, it is noticeable how different the members’ individual preferences are. These differences show not only in the projects they take on or the music they release but also in how they decide to promote their songs – from understated small-venue concerts and music shows to full-on music festival performances and multi-month tours.

Despite these differences in approach, there is no denying that each song or album the members release has been successful. One of the most successful solo releases is Seven by Jungkook (feat. Latto). As of August 22, it spent its fifth week at the top spot of the Billboard Global Chart. It is currently the longest running No. 1 song by an Asian Act on Billboard Global 200, surpassing BTS’ Dynamite. It is also the perfect track to study when trying to answer the question, “What makes BTS’ songs, by a member or as a group, so catchy and enduring?”

Of course, to many, the answer is obvious: BTS consistently makes good music. They also have the unwavering support of ARMY, who understands and appreciates the intention behind how each member decides to promote their new releases.

Traditional Promotions

Jungkook followed the usual route of promotions that other members did when releasing their own singles and albums; he performed and did interviews in American and UK programs as well as appeared in South Korean music shows. He also did a few listening parties and even made an appearance at the encore of SUGA’s “D-Day” concert. However, there are also steps Jungkook took in promoting Seven, intentionally or otherwise, that certainly helped in the longevity of the song.

Guerrilla Marketing

Just after Seven was announced, ARMYs spotted Seven promotional posters in major cities all over the world, including Bangkok, Paris, San Francisco, Dallas, and Chicago. These posters utilized subtle yet intriguing energy. One shows Jungkook with his hands over his face while the other shows clothes carefully arranged on a chair. The title of the song and Jungkook’s name on the posters clearly indicate that these are promotional posters; however, to an unassuming passerby, guerilla marketing materials such as these posters can be intriguing and can leave a lasting impression.

Very Personal Promotions

From his long Weverse lives, where he does simple, everyday chores like cooking and folding his laundry, it’s no secret that Jungkook loves spending time with ARMYs. Perhaps unintentionally, this also helped him effectively build the excitement for Seven early on. In an almost two-hour live, he casually mentions Seven while working out. It’s a subtle approach at letting ARMYs know, especially those who might not have seen the announcement yet, that he’s releasing a new track. It also gives his release a more personal feel, as though a friend is reminding each ARMY that a new project is on the way and they ought to check it out.


Then, of course, there’s TikTok. The app has undoubtedly redefined what it takes to be viral. Studies show that there is a direct link between being in TikTok’s Top 200 chart and a high number of streams. Mostly, this has to do with Artist-Generated Content (AGC), which means that artists who post content themselves are more likely to have their songs go viral.

Interestingly, however, while Seven (Clean ver.) has been used in 1.3 million TikTok videos, Jungkook barely had to post any AGC. On August 1, he unintentionally used his personal TikTok account when sharing the dance challenge for Seven. He later confirmed that the TikTok account is his own. To date, this is still the only post he’s made.

Instead of posting TikToks, Jungkook likes and comments on videos of those who do the Seven dance challenge, as well as other random videos, especially memes featuring him and the other members. This encourages other TikTok users to participate in the Seven dance challenge, or to use the song for their own videos as they know that the song’s artist actually sees and appreciates their content. Instead of forcing virality, what was an accidental posting on Jungkook’s account further pushed Seven to become an organic and enduring hit.

One of the keys to BTS’ success is the genuine connection that they have built and nurtured with ARMY. The depth of love and admiration is evident in their vitality. As with Seven and all solo releases by other members, all it takes is their hard work and sincerity, along with their unwavering trust in ARMY. Everything else, from sales to streams to overwhelming success, follows that.

Written by: Whoopi

Edited by: Sanam

Designed by: ThornToHisRose

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