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Tuesday is a great day for ARMY because it is our weekly breath of fresh air with a new Run BTS! episode. Of course, our enjoyment of the program goes far beyond Tuesdays (thanks, dear replay). However, with all the BTS content constantly released, it is easy to lose track. That is the reason we have cooked up ongoing and comprehensive recaps of all the episodes, just for you. Today, let’s have a look at episodes 89 to 99. Ready, Set, and… Begin!

A couple of BTS Gayo

What a better way to celebrate the return of BTS Gayo than a hilarious BTS Uno game to decide the teams! The mood was immediately set and BTS were ready to go with charades, drawings, and amusing choreographies to guess BTS’ songs titles and win points for their team. The level of excitement and fun for both the viewers and BTS was so high that Jimin himself fell off his chair laughing and Jungkook tripped over him in an attempt to help. Iconic!

Two mini golden bell episodes

Continuing with the quizzes theme, two new episodes were shot in a hotel room in London before their Wembley concerts in 2019. This time competing against each other, BTS had to guess songs titles pronounced with foreign accents and multiple funny sounds under the supervision of their newbie MC Taehyung who found his role a bit difficult to carry. They also played an X or O game involving arm and shoulder measurements, and Jungkook’s heavenly voice during a karaoke challenge.

Throwback Tuesdays with the BTS’ Marble game

The BTS Marble customized board game made a new special appearance as BTS kept filming episodes during their “Speak Yourself Tour” stop in London. In order to gain land, the teams (Jin, RM, and V versus SUGA, j-hope, Jimin and Jungkook) had to roll a die to complete missions such as capital games, capture moments, and telepathy games. The recurring 007 BANG game whose rules confused Jimin and SUGA, entertained both the members and ARMY a lot. These episodes also featured an unfortunate pedometer that was pinned on the members’ shoes, hats, or sleeves and was shaken like crazy to score points. The winners got ramen for dinner while the losing team ended up at the airport back to Korea wearing sunflower “hats”.

Big boys play childhood games

It was playtime again with two episodes where BTS revived the games they played during their school years. They started the series with a dalgona recipe (a Korean candy similar to honeycomb toffee candy). BTS then played ggongi (a Korean game played with small plastic stones) and a territory game to win candies and snacks they used to eat when they were younger. They also built spinners (does Jimin’s spinner Rock Bison ring a bell, ARMY?) and mini race cars before playfully yet fiercely competing against each other. These episodes resulted in new hilarious iconic moments like j-hope running after his car in the studio. For once, the loser did not get a penalty. Instead, the winner was offered a special edible and sugary kind of golden prize.

Double the fun with an unforgettable pajama party

Running on a playful theme again, BTS were invited to participate in a pajama party. Sitting on a cozy floor, surrounded by BT21 cushions that the boys enjoyed mistreating during the broadcast, they first chose their outfits. After changing into cool and funny pajamas, BTS tried to connect their thoughts through a telepathy drawing game and two hilarious challenges requiring gesture coordination. Among many other games, they offered ARMY the best ASMR session ever and had a lot of fun with a karaoke party.

Florists of the day

The last episode of season 3 took place in a flower shop where BTS made their own floral arrangements with the help of a teacher. The boys learned about their birth flowers and made a boutonniere each. Then, Jin and RM created a corolla while SUGA and V made a wreath. J-hope and Jungkook went for a bouquet and Jimin creatively depicted his Serendipity stage with flowers in a glass bowl. The members were so focused and cute that ARMY had a hard time making the difference between the flowers and BTS. Yet, Jin’s limitless imagination and unique talent for flower arrangements brought a hilarious touch to the overload of cutesy.

Did this recap make you want to watch these Run BTS! episodes again? What about older episodes? If you feel like going further down memory lane check our previous recaps here: Running with BTS (season 1); Blood Sweat and Tears… of Laughter! (season 2); The Secret of Happiness in a Happy Mess (season 3 pt1); and A Promise, Together Forever (season 3 pt2).

See you soon for our recap of episode 100 that launched season 4… Purple you ARMY!

Written by: Hel.B

Edited by: Lisa K

Designed by: Judy

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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